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Arti Applicate Tappeti Tessuti e Abbigliamento


Sprache: Deutsch. Christian Verlag 2002, cm.28x32, pp.340, ill.col. hardcover, dustjacket. Seide und Organza, Perlen und Spitzen, zarte Schleier und bodenlange Schleppen - die "Braut-Couture" lässt Modeschöpfer in edlen Stoffen und kostbaren Materialien schwelgen.Die 280 brillanten Fotos der besten Modefotografen der Welt verführen zum Träumen und Staunen. Die Autorin schildet kenntnisreich, humorvoll und provozierend zugleich die 150-jährige Geschichte des Brautkleids und entführt dabei in die Welt der berühmtesten Bräute, der extravagantesten Designer und der elegantesten Kreationen.

EAN: 9783884725245
EUR 70.00
EUR 24.00

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New York, Rizzoli International 2007, cm.25x29, pp.336, ill.col. hardcover, dustjacket. From flappers newly liberated by jazz, swinging beaded hems and Chanel’s well-bred sophisticated “little black dress” to today’s red-carpet splendors, women have transformed themselves for parties. This beautifully illustrated retrospective captures the effervescence of the party dress.Every major designer has catered to the well-heeled woman’s desire and ability to wear the most flattering frock at the most public occasions, whether for summer afternoon parties, cocktails, or formal balls. Even Coco Chanel, renowned for her comfortable daywear, saw festive party fashion as something quite separate, not to be constrained by matters of practicality. In pages peppered with whimsical quotes and interesting historical facts about the pleasures of dressing up, Alexandra Black traces the rise of the party dress complete with the best examples of gowns by top designers–such as Carolina Hererra, Giorgio Armani, Lanvin, Balenciaga, and Zac Posen–photographed by world-renowned photographers such as Cecil Beaton, Dean Loomis, and Mario Testino. Also included is a trove of historical designs that will inspire fashionistas and budding designers alike.

EAN: 9780847829613
Note: Timbro di archivio editoriale alla prima carta bianca.
EUR 14.90
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New York, Rizzoli International Publications 2004, cm.25x29, pp.335, ill.col. hardcover, dustjacket. Be a caterpillar by day and a butterfly by night, counseled the legendary designer Coco Chanel. Nothing could be more comfortable than a caterpillar, and nothing could be more made for love than a butterfly. This high priestess of style understood what the well-dressed woman has always known: There's something special that goes on after dark. While daywear must be practical, versatile, and appropriate, the evening is open for interpretation, offering designers the rare opportunity to indulge their imagination and sense of festiveness and frivolity. A tribute to fashion's highest art, Evening Dress chronicles glamorous attire from ancient times up to the latest season, featuring photographs and sketches of hundreds of exquisite gowns. A celebration of this most elegant form of the sartorial arts, this lavish edition will engage, amuse, and inspire.

EAN: 9780847826483
Note: Timbro di archivio editoriale alla prima carta bianca.
EUR 19.90
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Illustrazioni di Ruben Toledo. Novara, De Agostini 2014, cm.16x21, pp.340, num.tavv.a col. leg.ed. Serie Nina Garcia.

EAN: 9788851123390
Note: Mancante della sopracoperta.
EUR 16.90
EUR 8.50

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Novara, De Agostini 2000, cm.20x27, pp.96, num.figg.a col.nt. br.cop.fig.a col. Coll.Voglia di Creare.

EAN: 9788841576281
EUR 10.07
EUR 6.00

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Novara, De Agostini 2000, cm.20x27, pp.96, num.figg.a col.nt. leg.ed.copertina figurata a colori. Coll.Voglia di Creare. Il libro fa parte di una collana sul fai da te dedicata alle arti decorative e applicate. Dopo un breve excursus storico, le tecniche di base sono spiegate metodicamente con criteri facili e chiari. Importante la galleria di creazioni di professionisti che forniscono idee nuove da realizzare. Le foto a colori illustrano la realizzazione passo passo.

EAN: 9788841555729
EUR 10.07
EUR 6.00

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Photos par Miriam Rouisseau. Atlas 2008, 2 volumi in cosfanetto. cm.23,5x28,5, pp.480, Legature editoriali, copp.figg.a col. Coll.Atlas Pratique. De nombreuses femmes brodent au point de croix depuis des siècles et les modèles, modernes ou anciens, font toujours leur bonheur. Cet Atlas pratique du point de croix réunit 25 leçons et 82 modèles d'ouvrages complets avec leurs grilles : abécédaires, coussins, tableaux, galons, rideaux, serviettes, maniques, embrasses ou torchons, rien de manque. Chaque travail y est expliqué et commenté. Une grille avec ses couleurs est fournie et permet à tous de réaliser le modèle sans se tromper. Alors, à vos aiguilles pour de magnifiques ouvrages à garder ou à offrir !

EAN: 9782723465649
EUR 13.00
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Como - Albese, Meroni 1988, cm.25x32,5, pp.482, centinaia di figg. bn.nt. skivetrez, cofanetto. Edizione numerata di 1000 copie.
EUR 170.00
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Sono disponibili i seguenti fascicoli:1-30, 32-45, 47-60, 62-69, 71-79. Supplément du Journal des Dames. Paris, 1912-1914, cm.14x23,, alcune fascicolo, Testo in francese.
EUR 170.00
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In collaborazione con la casa d'aste Sotheby's. Novara, Istituto Geografico De Agostini 1985, cm.17,5x24,5, pp.80,num.tavv.a col.nt. leg.ed.cop.fig.a col. Coll.Documenti d'Antiquariato.
EUR 8.00
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In collaborazione con la casa d'aste Sotheby's. Novara, Istituto Geografico De Agostini 1985, cm.17,5x24,5, pp.80,num.tavv.a col.nt. leg.ed.cop.fig.a col. Coll.Documenti d'Antiquariato.

EAN: 9788840234304
EUR 9.00
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Milano, Mondadori 1986, cm.20,5x27, pp.264, 325 gihh.a col. 70 disegni 6 carte geografiche leg.ed.sopracop.fig.a col.
EUR 19.00
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Milano, Vallardi Ef. 1963, cm.22x28, pp.344, col.,e 1 carta. leg.ed. sopracop.fig.a col.

Note: Mende alla sopracoperta.
EUR 35.00
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Firenze, Ed.EDAM 1973, cm.21x27, pp.120, 12 84 ft.di cui 8 a col. br.cop.fig.a col. Coll.Quaderni d'Arte,7.
EUR 20.66
EUR 15.00

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Firenze,'Arte 1993, cm.17x24, pp.172, centinaia di col.nt. br.cop.fig.
EUR 12.00
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Firenze, Antichità Santoro 1988, cm.17x24, pp.62,(2), 25 ill. a colri applicate nt., br., cop. fig. a colori.
EUR 12.00
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Milano, De Vecchi editore 1989, cm.23x30, pp.256, num.figg.a col.nt. leg.ed.soprac.fig.a col.

EAN: 9788841207048
EUR 55.00
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Milano, Cariplo 1979, cm.27x31, pp.144, decine di figg.a col.nt.num.a p.pag. leg.ed. sopraccop.a col.
EUR 19.00
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Includes: Importation; Distribution in Florence; Customers; Prices and Sizes; Functions; Taste - The Oriental Rug in Florence; Documents. English Text. Firenze, S.P.E.S. Studio per Edizioni Scelte 2007, cm.21x31, pp. 281, 7, 94 col. ill., leg.ed. sopracop.fig.a col. The Bruschettini Foundation for Islamic and Asian Art. textile Studies. 1

EAN: 9788872423141
EUR 100.00
EUR 49.00

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Montecatini Terme Az.Aut.di Cura e Soggiorno. 30/7-30/9/1988. Firenze, Tip.Il Torchio 1988, cm.21x30, pp.394, 95 col.nt. br.cop.fig.a col.
EUR 48.00
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