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Spettacolo Musica Spartiti


Milano, Curci Ed. 2009, cm.17x24, pp.84, br.

EAN: 9790215901810
EUR 9.00
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New York, Amsco Pub. 2002, cm.23x30, pp.56, br.cop.fig.a col.
EUR 27.21
EUR 16.00

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Think play-alongs and free jazz don't mix? Think again! Kenny Werner, author of the best-selling Effortless Mastery has put together a fantastic set that breaks down traditional boundaries of rhythm, melody, and harmony to present a blank canvas of sounds, pulses, and colors to excite the imagination. The book details ways to use this set to open new avenues of musical discovery. This will be the best "chordless" tool in your musical tool box! Rhythm Section: Kenny Werner (p); Jahannes Weidenmueller (b); Ari Hoenig (d & asst. percussive enhancements). Titles: Random Sequence Piece * Just Sound Piece * Short Note Piece * Cascading Notes * Harmonic Piece * Free Rhythmic Groove * Drone in E * Time, No Changes * Fast Time With No Changes * Unaccompanied Drums * Unaccompanied Bass Piece * Unaccompanied Piano Piece * A Prayer in C Minor. Jamey Aebersold 2002, cm.21,5x28, pp.30, fascicolo spillato. CD in allegato.

EAN: 9781562241407
EUR 15.00
EUR 7.50

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United Kingdom Novello Ed. s.d. cm.23x31 pp.7. fascicolo spillato.

EAN: 5020679508602
EUR 5.00
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Galatina, Editrice Salentina 1990, cm.23x31, pp.17, fascicolo spillato.
EUR 8.00
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Germania, Schott Music Ed. s.d. cm.23x30, 4, fascicolo

EAN: 9790001096577
EUR 3.00
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Usa, Warner Bros Ed. s.d. cm.22x30, pp.42, fascicolo spillato. Completo di Cd.
EUR 10.00
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Revisione di Mario Corti. Milano, Curci Ed. s.d. cm.23x31, pp.14+7, fascicolo spillato. Coll. F. David la Classica Scuola Italiana del Violino.

Note: Contiene la partitura completa e lo spartito del violinio.
EUR 8.00
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Spagna, Union Musical Ed. 1999, cm.23x31, 70, fascicolo spillato.

EAN: 9780711969834
EUR 10.00
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England, Schott Ed. 1988, cm.23x31, pp.24 complessive. Fascicolo spillato.

Note: Contiene la partitura complessiva e gli spartiti singoli delle quattro chitarre.
EUR 12.00
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Germania, Peters Ed. 1979, cm.23x30, pp.79, br. Edizione tedesca.
EUR 6.00
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Matching folio to the album by dance/rock superstars Roxette features the hits: Joyride * Hotblooded * Physical Fascination * Fading Like A Flower * Soul Deep * and 9 more greats, plus an interview and photos. Piano-vocal-guitar. Cherry Lane Music 1995, cm.23x30, pp.56, br.fig.col.

EAN: 9780895246738
EUR 15.00
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Milano, Curci Edizioni 1989, cm.23x31, pp.4, br. Coll.Pezzi Facili per Pianoforte a Due Mani.
EUR 6.00
EUR 3.00

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Milano, Ediz.Curci 1991, cm.23,5x31, pp.2, fasc.
EUR 2.50
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Brugherio, Sinfonica Ed. 2007, cm.22x30,5, pp.36, br.

EAN: 9788884001351
EUR 11.00
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Scherzo, Balladen, Rhapsodien, Tanze, Fantasien, Intermezzi, Klavierstucke, 5 Studien. Edited by Eniko Gyenge. Budapest, Koenemann Music 1999, cm.12,2x17,5, pp.289, leg.ed. sopracop.fig. Coll.Study Score Edition.

EAN: 9789639155848
EUR 10.28
EUR 7.00

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Usa, Wise Pubblications s.d. cm.23x31, pp.48, br.
EUR 8.00
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Germania, Schott Ed. 2001, cm.23x31, pp.9+4, fascicolo spillato.
EUR 6.00
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Our matching folio features note-for-note transcriptions with tab for Noodles' ace guitar work on all 12 songs from this 1993 Epitaph release by The Offspring: Burn It Up * Dirty Magic * Forever and a Day * Get It Right * Hypodermic * Kick Him When He's Down * L.A.P.D. * No Hero * Nothing from Something * Session * Take It Like a Man * We Are One. Hal Leonard 2002, cm.23x30, pp.64, br.fig.col.

EAN: 9780634044304
EUR 15.00
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The Guitar Play-Along Series will help you play your favorite songs quickly and easily! Just follow the tab, listen to the included audio to hear how the guitar should sound, and then play along using the separate backing tracks. The melody and lyrics are also included in the book in case you want to sing, or to simply help you follow along. 8 songs: Against the Wind * Betty Lou's Gettin' out Tonight * Hollywood Nights * Mainstreet * Night Moves * Old Time Rock & Roll * Rock and Roll Never Forgets * Still the Same. Audio is accessed online using the unique code inside the book and can be streamed or downloaded. The audio files include PLAYBACK+, a multi-functional audio player that allows you to slow down audio without changing pitch, set loop points, change keys, and pan left or right. Hal Leonard 2005, cm.23x30, pp.64, br.fig.col. CD in allegato.

EAN: 9780634079313
EUR 9.99
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