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A cura di Eva Valvo. Torino, Claudiana 2019, cm.22x30, pp.136, ill a colori. brossura copertina figurata a colori. Coll. I libri di Paolo Ricca. La vita di Gesù raccontata dall'apostolo Pietro in un fumetto scritto e illustrato dal danese Peter Madsen, un classico che finalmente arriva in Italia. Ripercorre il racconto dei Vangeli dalla nascita alla risurrezione, passando per episodi noti e meno noti, parabole e miracoli. Un libro che sa parlare a chiunque sia affascinato dalla complessa figura di Gesù e dalla sua storia immortale.

EAN: 9788868981723
EUR 19.50
EUR 16.90
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La Jolla, America's Best Comics (Wildstorm) 2004, cm.17,5x26,5, pp.160, hardcover. Alan Moore continues to shape, mould and batter the superhero genre with this second satirical and sly collection of Tomorrow Stories! Once more you can thrill to the genre-twisting exploits of the liquid avenger, Splash Brannigan, and the comely crimebuster Cobweb; tremble before the genetic superpower of The First American and the towering intellect of child inventor Jack B. Quick, and swoon before 'gentleman sleuth' Greyshirt! Illustrating these terrific tales is an awesome collection of artistic talent, including Kevin Nowlan and Rick Veitch, all of them giving life to the imagination of the comics industry's greatest writer!

EAN: 9781840237863
EUR 24.90
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New York, DC Comics 2004, cm.17x26, pp.192, paperback. A trio of legendary superheroes join forces in this all-action collection of a classic story! JLA (Justice League of America) stalwart Green Lantern and the Emerald Archer himself, Green Arrow, join forces to prevent a megalomaniac dictator in southern Asia acquiring a devastating weapon. Their mission is successful but at a price: the dictator learns Green Arrow's secret identity and sends forth vendetta-bent assassins, forcing the archer to flee to Gotham City -- and its Dark Knight protector! This thrilling collection is packed with bonus material, including a new introduction by writer Denny O'Neil and a fabulous new cover by artist Jon Foster!

EAN: 9781840237771
EUR 19.90
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New York, DC Comics 2001, cm.17x26, pp.96, paperback. Meet Gen 13, the laid back teen heroes from LA. They're bound for Metropolis, and a fateful encounter with a certain Man of Steel. Recently, life's been a little too quiet for the tastes of the five Gen-active kids, Fairchild, Grunge, Freefall, Burnout and Rainmaker, so where better to head than Metropolis, home of monsters, invading aliens and sundry other earth-shaking menaces. For Fairchild it's a chance to get up close and personal with her idol, Superman, but as it happens she gets a little too close for comfort! When an accidental collision leaves Fairchild suffering from amnesia and wrapped in Superman's cape, she makes the only possible assumption. She's Supergirl! Can Superman and the other Gen-actives find her before she bites off way more than she can chew?

EAN: 9781840233285
EUR 24.90
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La Jolla, America's Best Comics (Wildstorm) 2002 cm.17,5x26,5, pp.224, hardcover. The third thrilling collection of the critically acclaimed, award-winning PROMETHEA is back, offered as a softcover version of the original hardcover! PROMETHEA BOOK THREE is a 224-page trade paperback from AMERICA'S BEST COMICS reprinting PROMETHEA #13-18, written by Alan Moore with art and cover by J.H. Williams III & Mick Gray. Featuring the first half of a cosmic road trip, this volume finds Promethea and Barbara traveling an unlikely path. Their wanderings take them through the many realms of Heaven and Hell, visiting manifestations of great visions and visionaries. Meanwhile, back on Earth, Stacia is the acting Promethea — protecting and serving the people of New York while Promethea is away. Is she up to the task?
EUR 29.90
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La Jolla, America's Best Comics (Wildstorm) 2002, cm.17,5x26,5, pp.184, hardcover. Tomorrow Stories started in August 1999 as a collection of short stories featuring the same characters (one or two) every issue. Many of these characters were often inspired by pulp magazine and comic book archetypes, such as the boy genius and the masked detective. They include: Cobweb – Created by Moore and Melinda Gebbie First American – Created by Moore and Jim Baikie Greyshirt – Created by Moore and Rick Veitch Jack B. Quick – Created by Moore and Kevin Nowlan Splash Brannigan – Created by Moore and Hilary Barta

EAN: 761941222738
EUR 24.90
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New York, Vertigo (DC Comics), 2006, cm.17x26, pp.192, paperback, "Fables" is the hugely imaginative story of a group of fairy tale characters exiled from their mythical homelands and forced into a secret existence in modern-day America. Featuring such familiar names as Snow White, Prince Charming and Bigby (formerly Big Bad) Wolf, this is hard-edged fantasy in the grand tradition of "The Sandman". Exploring, amongst other tales, the story of Jack Be Nimble, who attempts to break into Hollywood whilst at the same time not breaking the Fables' public anonymity law - which could end up with him, quite literally, with his head on the block! Volume six of this superb series continues to explore this surreal underworld created by scribe extraordinare Bill Willingham.

EAN: 9781845761240
EUR 9.90
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New York, DC Comics 2005, cm.17x26, pp.160, paperback, In this exciting second collection featuring powerhouse X-Men and JLA writer Chuck Austen's work on the "Man of Steel", Superman must face perhaps his greatest challenge yet! Having regained his powers, Superman is still concerned for Lois, shot while covering a Middle Eastern war. But Lois is furious with the Man of Steel, having discovered that he met with old flame Lana Lang. Meanwhile, there's an all-new Banshee on the scene...and as if that wasn't enough...Superman and Superboy must defeat an even greater threat: Preus, the Kandorian supermacist with all of Superman's powers! Can the world's greatest hero prevail?

EAN: 9781845762018
EUR 19.90
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La Jolla, America's Best Comics (Wildstorm) 2005, cm.17,5x26,5, pp.160, hardcover. MORE TERRIFIC TALES OF TOM AND THE TEAM! From comics legend Alan Moore, with a host of fantastically talented collaborators, come more fantastical tales of Millennium City's finest 'science hero', Tom Strong! This second volume of sizzling stories features more adventures of Tom Strong, more on his childhood in Young Tom Strong, as well as the continuing adventures of space-heroine Jonni Future! These are just some of the astounding stories featured in this scorching second volume of Tom Strong's Terrific Tales, collected together into a sumptuous hardback and featuring artwork by the best of today's comics artists including Art Adams and Bruce Timm, multi-award-winning designer of Batman: The Animated Series!

EAN: 9781845761042
EUR 29.90
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La Jolla, America's Best Comics (Wildstorm) 2005, cm.17,5x26,5, pp.160, hardcover. Best-selling comics scriptwriting supremo Alan Moore (Watchmen, Batman: The Killing Joke) returns with his fantastical science-hero, Tom Strong. Born on a remote South Seas island, orphaned by his scientist parents and raised by a steam-powered robot butler, Tom Strong is both superhero and pioneer. In this astonishing fourth volume of stories, Tom Strong, now the retro-futuristic hero of Millennium City, faces a whirlwind of new adventures! With this veritable feast of imagination and action, Tom Strong proves that, once again, Alan Moore is forging the future of graphic novels! Collected together into a sumptuous hardback and featuring artwork by the best of today's comics artists.
EUR 29.90
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New York, DC Comics 2003, cm.17x26, pp.96, paperback. On the eve of the new millennium, someone is committing arson in Metropolis - and the target of their crimes is none other than Lex Luthor! And when the immortal Contessa del Portenza arrives, demanding custody of Lena, Luthor's infant daughter, the criminal mastermind realises that this is a threat he must take seriously...But what Luthor doesn't know is that the Contessa has another child, an immortal like herself - but one who believes that humanity are beneath him, and who has no qualms over killing. And when Luthor inadvertently reawakens this creature, only one man is mighty enough to stop his killing rampage...Superman!

EAN: 9781840235760
EUR 19.90
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New York, DC Comics 2003, cm.17x26, pp.96, paperback. Redesigned, revistalised, Batman's original femme fatale, Selina Kyle (aka Catwoman) continues her incredible new adventures, walking a tightrope between a life of crime and the road to redemption! Written and illustrated by acclaimed storyteller Darwyn Cooke (Catwoman, Batman: Ego), Selina's Big Score finds the feline thief presumed dead, cut off from her fortune and desperate to make a lot of When she hears about a mob train full of unmarked cash, she assembles a crew of professionals to assist her in taking it down. She needs the money quick but is she ready for the consequences? Searing crime action, delivered in the acclaimed noir style of Batman: Evolution.

EAN: 9781840237337
EUR 9.90
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New York, DC Comics 2003, cm.26x17, pp.128, papaerback. In the atmospheric setting of a 1940s 'film noir'-styled Gotham City, Selina Kyle, the 'Cat-Woman', is dead. The list of suspects is huge -- arrogant millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne; small-time card-sharp Jack 'Joker' Napier; vicious, disfigured killer 'Clayface' Hagen; timid bank clerk Edward 'Riddler' Nygma; crime lord Oswald 'Penguin' Cobblepot; the 'Bat-Man' who is beginning to plague Gotham's criminal underworld - even a nameless 'Alligator Man' who appears to live in Gotham's sewers. Can Dick Grayson, ex-cop turned 'Boy Wonder' private eye, find the killer and solve the mystery of Kyle's murder? Or will he, too, find that even nine lives can run out? With beautiful visuals that recall another era, Nine Lives will sink its claws into you!

EAN: 9781840235173
EUR 39.90
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London, Titan Books Ltd 2003, cm.17x26, pp.96, paperback. The star of the multi-million selling Tomb Raider games series and blockbuster movie franchise returns in a fabulous fourth Titan collection of comic strip action and adventure. Lara Croft has years of experience unearthing objects from the past - but what will she do when the greatest treasure of all turns out to be from...the future! A mysterious new ally joins her as she embarks on what might be her most dangerous adventure yet! Get ready to unearth some real the hottest archaeologist around goes in search of more mystic valuables! Lara Croft, Tomb Raider, is back - and how!

EAN: 9781840234022
EUR 14.90
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New York, DC Comics 2003, cm.17x26, pp.160, paperback. From Brian Azzarello, creator and writer of the multiple award-winning 100 Bullets, and Lee Bermejo, artist of Superman/Gen 13, comes a tense tale of espionage, double-dealing...and death! When Scott Floyd, a friend of Bruce Wayne's, is badly burned in a Gotham City restaurant, Batman investigates and soon finds himself drawn into a decade-old conspiracy. Who is the mysterious firestarter, Max Kai? Why are both the CIA and International Operations after him? And what is the connection between Scott Floyd and the mysterious assassin known as Deathblow? Batman's going to discover that in the shadow-world of international espionage, nothing is what it seems...and one man's relentless quest for justice is merely a part of a bigger picture.

EAN: 9781840236644
EUR 49.90
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New York, DC Comics 2004, cm.18x26, pp.352, paperback. This fantastic, blistering, manga-style Batman title is now available at last in a gorgeous paperback! When a crime spree leads the Dark Knight to Tokyo, he finds himself confronted with the likes of the Joker, Riddler and Catwoman. But Batman is horrified to discover he is, in fact, battling would-be super-villains twisted into facsimiles of these master criminals by Fanatic -- a drug that will soon melt them into mummified corpses! Batman: Child of Dreams is written and drawn by legendary manga creator Kia Asamiya and translated by Max Allan Collins -- the man behind the graphic novel-turned-movie, Road to Perdition!

EAN: 9781840237177
EUR 39.90
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ES 2019, cm.17x24, pp.128, illustrato a colori. brossura copertina figurata a colori. Coll.Quaderni,16.

EAN: 9788898401888
EUR 25.00
EUR 21.25
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New York, Vertigo (DC Comics) 2005, cm.17x26, pp.128, paperback. This horrific, disturbing graphic novel is a new direction for the acclaimed Books of Magic, conceived by the writing genius behind Sandman, Neil Gaiman. Like a Hell-born Harry Potter, mage-in-the-making Timothy Hunter finds himself as the nexus for overlapping alternate universes, where a forthcoming war has spilled out over the Earth and its shade reality, Faerie. This mystic apocalypse will span the cosmos and wrench Tim into a reality that brings with it all the psychological horrors and blood-red savagery of a universe gone mad! Like Death and the Sandman himself, Tim Hunter is another of Neil Gaiman's unforgettable creations, but this time he's taken it and twisted - really hard!

EAN: 9781845760052
EUR 29.90
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New York, DC Comics, 2005, cm.17x26, pp.256, paperback. The original superhero team-up, Justice Society of America is Earth's mightiest squad of defenders whose dynamic ranks include Powergirl, Dr. Mid-Nite, Mr. Terrific, Dr. Fate and star of TV's Justice League - Hawkgirl! When Obsidian, the darkness-controlling son of Green Lantern, teams up with the mind-twisting Eclipso and hyper-powerful wizard Mordru, the Justice Society face their greatest threat to the villains' combined power forces the moon from its orbit, plunging Earth into a permanent total eclipse! Now, with Earth's citizens rapidly being converted into cannon fodder for the villains' armies, it will take an incredible array of superheroes to stop them...if they can!

EAN: 9781845760359
EUR 99.90
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London, Titan Books Ltd 2005, cm.17x26, pp.96, paperback. From creative giants Warren Ellis (Transmetroplitan) and Chris Weston (The Filth) comes an alternative history painted in red, white and blue! In the death throes of the Second World War, the British capture the cream of Nazi rocket science and create a new British Empire where it seems the sun never sets. Instead the sky is lit by the rockets' red glare from a fleet of spaceships bound for the moon and beyond. But who funds this epic endeavour? The truth is the road to space is paved with a secret dark enough to bring the empire to its knees! This searing, satirical and beautifully drawn look at empire building exposes the horrors that have sometimes been carried out in the name of King & Country!

EAN: 9781840239249
EUR 7.90
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