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Architettura Mobili e Arredamento


Estratto. Società Italiana Pirelli Milano. Milano, Pizzi e Pizio 1927, cm.15x19, pp.23, con foto a colori. Fascicolo. Estratto al Numero 7 de "La Casa".

Note: Piccolo strappo al taglio della copertina.
EUR 5.50
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Testo descrittivo e catalogazione a cura di Carlo Steiner. Milano, Bramante Ed. 1963, 2 voll. cm.28x32, pp.518 compl., 621 ill.e col.nt. imitlin, in cofanetto con appl.fig.a piatti.
EUR 55.00
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Exton, Shiffer Publ.Ltd 1972, cm.23x28,5, pp.336, 665 tra ill.e VIII tavv.a col.nt leg.ed. sopracop.fig.a col. Testo in inglese.
EUR 17.00
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Boston, David R. Godine 1988, cm.22x29, pp.208, con numerose illustrazioni e foto a colori. Legatura in tutta tela. Edizione curata dal Boston Athenaeum.

Note: Mancante della sovracopertina.
EUR 14.00
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Milano, Fabbri Ed. 1969, cm.23,5x28, pp.96, a col.nt. leg.ed.cop.fig. a col.
EUR 13.00
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Milano, Fratelli Fabbri Ed. 1969, cm.24x28,5, pp.96, a col.nt. legg.ed.copp.figg.a col. Coll.Il mobile nei secoli,X.
EUR 13.00
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MIlano, Fabbri Ed. 1969, 2 volumi cm.23,5x28, pp.96, 96, a col.nt. leg.ed.cop.fig. a col.
EUR 22.00
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Milano, Fratelli Fabbri Ed. 1969, Primi 3 volumi di questa serie. cm.24x28,5, ciascun volume è di circa pp.100 e con circa 120 a col.nt. legg.ed.copp.figg.a col. Coll.Il mobile nei secoli,1,2,3.
EUR 45.00
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Londra, Thames & Hudson 2000, cm.25x25, pp.176, con 229 illustrazioni a colori. Brossura copertina figurata a colori. Coll.Revised Edition.

EAN: 9780500278598
EUR 85.00
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Milano, Aldo Martello Editore 1962, cm.27x37, pp.18, 119 tavole a colori ft. legatura editoriale, sopracoperta figurata a colori.
EUR 95.00
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An Exhibition in celebration of the hundredth anniversary of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Introduction by Berry B. Tracy. Furniture texts by Marilynn Johnson. Other decorative texts by Marvin D.Schwartz. and Suzanne Boorsch. April 16 through September 7, 1970. The Metropolitan Museum of Art 1970, cm.21,5x26, pp.272, softcover. As the central feature of its year-long Centennial the Metropolitan Museum has mounted a spectacular exhibition of American decorative arts of the nineteenth century. Federal, Empire, Gothic, rococo, Renaissance, art nouveau, reform—the century's principal styles succeed one another in a series of lavish room settings and galleries that display the 300 prime pieces illustrated and discussed in this book. More than 200 of these objects, including furniture, silver, glass, ceramics, and metalwork, are treasures of the Museum's American Wing, some of them accessioned during the Museum's early years, a substantial number acquired only recently and never shown before. The rest of the material has been lent to the exhibition from other museums, institutions, and private collections. A show of this magnitude dealing entirely with American works of the nineteenth century is without precedent. The historical line begins with the cabinetry of New England (a superb chest of drawers of about 1796 from Salem, Massachusetts), proceeds through the sedate European-influenced styles of the Empire, takes into account the medley of revivals in the decades before the Civil War, sets forth the splendid eighties, when decorative arts became an expression of American success and optimism, and ends with the elegant simplicity of furniture by the architect brothers Charles and Henry Greene. Among the outstanding furniture makers represented are Duncan Phyfe (with an entire parlor suite), Charles-Honoré Lannuier (with a bed as elaborately ornamented as any made in America), Joseph Meeks and Sons, and the rococo master John Henry Belter. Other craftsmen and manufacturers include the silversmiths Chaudron and Rasch, Fletcher and Gardiner, Gorham Manufacturing Company, Tiffany and Company, the Boston and Sandwich and New England Glass companies, the Tucker Porcelain Company, and the great decorating firms of LePrince and Marcotte, Herter Brothers, and Louis Tiffany's Associated Artists. Berry B. Tracy, Curator of the American Wing and organizer of the exhibition, has justly called it a "hundred-year chronology of the best of American taste." This description can equally well be applied to the present volume, one of two devoted to the exhibition. Its more than 300 illustrations (sixty-six in color), its comprehensive historical introduction (by Mr. Tracy), its authoritative discussion of the pieces (by Marilynn Johnson, Marvin D. Schwartz, and Suzanne Boorsch), and its extensive bibliography of the pieces themselves and the craftsmen who produced them make it an important addition to a still little-documented field.

EAN: 9781870090056
EUR 18.00
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Les techniques, les astuces, les realisations, les outils. Glénat Editions Atlas 2000, cm.23x29, pp.240, legatura editoriale, copertina figurata a colori. Coll.Atlas Pratique.

EAN: 9782723432276
EUR 9.90
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Milano, Fabbri Ed. 1991, cm.22x28, pp.80, num.ill.a col. br.cop.fig.a col. Coll. I Nuovi Quaderni Dell' Antiquariato. 4.
EUR 7.00
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Milano, De Vecchi Editore 2000, 2 volumi. cm.22x30, pp.299,299, legature editoriali, sopracoperte figurate a colori. Cofanetto.

EAN: 9788841211847
EUR 113.00
EUR 75.00

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Firenze, Industria Libraria Tipografica Editrice ILTE 1973, cm.25x34,5, pp.IX,266, 483 mz.tela, titoli in oro al dorso e al piatto ant. Terza edizione riveduta e ampliata.

Note: mende alla sopracoperta.
EUR 45.00
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Pavillion Books London House 2000, cm.17x24, pp.256, ill.col. hardcover, dustjacket. Design ingredients is an atlas of design, a travel book for the house, each chapter a new geographical exploration. People and places, cities and cultures are juxtaposed with the ways in which ideas taken from these can be applied to our living space.

EAN: 9781862053823
EUR 12.90
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St. Martin's Press 2002, cm.24x26,5, pp.208, ill.col. Hardcover, dustjacket.

EAN: 9781902686189
EUR 13.90
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London, Scriptum Editions 2001, cm.26x26, pp.213, ill.col. hardcover with dustjacket. Language: English. Private Rome offers a colorful insider's view of the city's vibrant inner sanctums. Here are studios of artists and designers; classical, baroque, and modern apartments; extravagant villas and palazzi; the homes of leading art collectors; and gardens. For everyone enchanted by the ancient aura, the venerable architecture, and the legendary life of the Eternal city, Private Rome reveals the personal style of those who are privileged to live there.

EAN: 9781863220101
EUR 18.00
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Photography by Fritz von der Schulenburg. Scriptum Editions 2001, cm.26x26, pp.215, ill.coul. hardcover with dustjacket. Private Ireland reveals the essence of Irish living style in an atmospheric photographic study of some of the country's most evocative and charming homes--from grand estates to characterful farmhouses and fancifull follies. The houses and studios of some of the country's most interesting creative spirits are included, from writers, artists and musicians to artisans, architects and designers. A visual exploration of Irish living style, both north and south, Private Ireland documents the setting, the character and the idiosyncrasies of each featured home--whether an historic abbey, a Dublin townhouse, a romantic castle, or a simple whitewashed cottage by the sea.

EAN: 9780952766520
EUR 9.90
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Lavishly produced guide to the best of Provencal architecture and design - for decorators and Francophiles alike. 200 colour illus. London, Scriptum Editions 2003, cm.25,5x25,5, pp.216, ill.col. Hardback, dustjacket.

EAN: 9781902686264
Note: Tracce di umido alla sovraccoperta e alle ultime pagine.
EUR 34.50
EUR 7.00

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