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Storia Contemporanea Fascismo

Le Collane

Storia Contemporanea Fascismo
Bari, Laterza 1977, cm.11,5x18, pp.278, brossura. Coll.Tempi Nuovi,87.
EUR 7.00
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Storia Contemporanea Fascismo
Bari, Laterza Ed. 1976, cm.11x18, pp.381, br. Coll.Tempi Nuovi.86.
EUR 8.00
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Storia Contemporanea Fascismo
List Verlag 2001, cm.13x21, pp.255,(1), br. 15. Auflage.
EUR 18.00
EUR 9.00
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Storia Contemporanea Fascismo
Washington, D.C., The Catholic University of America Press 2002, cm.14x21,5, pp.X,198. paperback. Pope Pius XII's alleged silence in the face of the destruction of the European Jews during World War II has been the subject of a fierce controversy that has continued unabated ever since Rolf Hochhuth's The Deputy made the charge so spectacularly in 1963. Numerous critics have accused Pius of everything from deliberate anti-Semitism to collusion with the Nazi regime, while equally partisan defenders have argued that his silent diplomacy saved hundreds of thousands of Jews and other innocent victims from Nazi terror. So contentious has Pius' role become that the phrase "the silence of Pius XII" has taken on a life of its own, beyond the facts. In this highly accessible work, José M. Sánchez offers a new approach to the controversy. He discusses the reasons given for Pius' behavior by the significant authors who have contributed to the dispute and evaluates their findings in the light of the published documents. He studies the controversial events that critics have cited to prove their contentions about the Pope, from his role in the negotiation of the German concordat of 1933 to the end of World War II in 1945. Sánchez provides a full examination of Pius' public and private comments on the war and the destruction of the European Jews. This analysis moves outside the traditional views to rephrase the issues. It is the first work to clearly and completely summarize the basic charges and defenses. It is also the first to bring to the dispute a full treatment of Pius' personality in the context of the institutional framework within which he operated. With a conclusion that summarizes the findings and offers the author's judgment on the issues, this study will enable readers to evaluate and understand one of the most heated controversies of modern times. José M. Sánchez is professor of history at Saint Louis University. He is the author of several works, including The Spanish Civil War as a Religious Tragedy.

EAN: 9780813210810
Note: Segni a penna in alcune pagine.
EUR 9.00
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Storia Contemporanea Fascismo
Firenze, R.Bemporad 1923, cm.18x25, pp.108, 1 tavola in antiporta. brossura.
EUR 22.00
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Storia Contemporanea Fascismo
Milano, Impresa Editoriale Italiana 1933, cm.18x25,5, pp.1247, rilegatura in mezza tela.
EUR 59.00
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Storia Contemporanea Fascismo
Roma, Casa editrice Libraria Corso 1950, cm.15,5x22,5, Con 24 tavole di fotografie f.t. brossura. Coll.Documenti dela Seconda Guerra Mondiale,6.
EUR 29.00
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Storia Contemporanea Fascismo
Roma, Istituto Nazionale Fascista di Cultura 1934, cm.17,5x25, pp.96, br. Coll.Quaderni dell'Istituto Nazionale Fascista di Cultura,IV. Esemplare in ottimo stato.
EUR 22.00
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Storia Contemporanea Fascismo
Con una traduz.latina di Nicola Festa.'Editore. Napoli, Editrice Rispoli Anonima 1936, cm.16,5x24, pp.49, 3 bn.ft.di cui una a doppia pag., br.
EUR 28.00
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Storia Contemporanea Fascismo
Terza edizione riveduta e accresciuta. Roma, Istituto Nazionale Fascista di Cultura 1934, cm.17,5x25, pp.106, br. Coll.Quaderni dell'Istituto Nazionale Fascista di Cultura. Esemplare in ottimo stato.
EUR 45.00
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Storia Contemporanea Fascismo
Droemer Knaur 2001, cm.14x22, pp.368, hardcover.

EAN: 9783426273081
EUR 19.90
EUR 9.90
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Storia Contemporanea Fascismo
Knaur Verlag 2014, cm.11x18, pp.368, Taschenbüch.

EAN: 9783426778104
EUR 9.95
EUR 4.90
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Storia Contemporanea Fascismo
Tempus Perrin 2010, cm.14x21, pp.372, Poche. Coll.Tempus. On a longtemps reproché à l'Eglise catholique son attitude face au nazisme. Pie XII, surnommé par ses adversaires le " pape de Hitler ", n'aurait pas encouragé les catholiques à se rebeller, tout comme une partie des prélats, obsédés par leur haine du communisme. Jusqu'à présent, ces accusations ne se basaient sur aucune preuve concrète. Or, en février 2003, le Vatican a enfin ouvert ses archives sur la période nazie. Peter Godman a été l'un des premiers historiens à explorer ce nouveau fonds et ses révélations sont troublantes, parfois surprenantes. A la suite du rapprochement entre Mussolini et Hitler, Pie XII a choisi de reléguer la morale derrière la diplomatie. Alors que l'écho des horribles persécutions pratiquées par les nazis commence à retentir au Vatican, la voix du Saint-Siège reste faible. Après la guerre, alors qu'il n'est plus possible de nier l'évidence des crimes nazis, Pie XII n'aura qu'une seule explication à offrir : " Dieu tout-puissant a Ses raisons. C'est Lui qui a souhaité ce qui est arrivé. " Par l'abondance et l'originalité de ses sources, Hitler et le Vatican se pose comme une étude majeure, une oeuvre palpitante sur les secrets les mieux gardés du Saint-Siège.

EAN: 9782262027230
EUR 23.00
EUR 9.90
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Storia Contemporanea Fascismo
Introduction by Furio Colombo. Lincoln, University of Nebraska Press 1996, cm.13,3x20,5, pp.XXVIII,334, paperback, Eighty-five percent of Italy's Jews survived World War II. Nevertheless, more than six thousand Italian Jews were destroyed in the Holocaust and the lives of countless others were marked by terror. Susan Zuccotti relates hundreds of stories showing the resourcefulness of the Jews, the bravery of those who helped them, and the inhumanity and indifference of others. For Zuccotti, the Holocaust in Italy began when the first ?black-shirted thug? poured a bottle of castor oil down the throat of his victim, or when the dignity of a single human being was violated. She writes: ?We might examine again how most Italians behaved from the onset of fascism. . . . Did they do as much as they could? Or should they, and the Jews as well, have recognized the danger sooner, with the first denial of liberty and free speech? We might also ask ourselves whether we, as creatures without prejudice, would act as well as most Italians did under similar pressures. Would we risk our lives for persecuted minorities? Would we be more sensitive to the first assaults upon our liberties, when the only ones really hurt in the beginning are Communists, Socialists, democratic anti-Fascists, and trade unionists? And finally, we might be more aware than we are of the horrors that a racist lunatic fringe can commit, even in the best of societies.

EAN: 9780803299115
EUR 9.00
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Storia Contemporanea Fascismo
London, Arnold 2002, cm.13x20, pp.XVIII,584, paperback. Bosworth's Mussolini allows us to come closer than ever before to an understanding of the life and actions of the dictator and of the political world and society within which he operated. This biography paints a picture of brutality and failure in governance with insight into Mussolini as a human being shaped by the particular patterns of Italian society which were so vastly different from Axis partners Germany and Japan. Mussolini was a brutal tyrant who added untold numbers to the dead of war torn Europe but we cannot understand his regime by equating it with Hitler or Stalin. His life began modestly in the provinces and he maintained a traditional family life for a man of his time including both a wife and mistresses. He sought in his way to be an intellectual but was capable of cruelty and was a racist with the consistency and vigor which would have made him a good recruit for the SS. He sought an empire but, for the most part, was more of an old-fashioned nineteenth century despot not a racial or ideological imperium. His end came in 1945 in the closing days of World War II. Disguised in German greatcoat and helmet, Mussolini attempted to escape from the advancing Allied armies but was stopped by partisans who recognized his features, made so familiar by Fascist propaganda which eventually gave him away, and within 24 hours he was publicly executed.

EAN: 9780340809884
Note: Segni a penna al margine di alcune pagine.
EUR 4.90
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Storia Contemporanea Fascismo
New York, Vintage Books 2002, cm.13x20,5, pp.XVIII,800, paperback. A panoramic study of a pivotal decade in twentieth-century history explores a time dominated by the Great Depression, political unrest, social upheaval, repression, and the coming of World War II; profiles the key figures of the era--Hitler, Roosevelt, Mao, Stalin, and Franco, among others--and the events, movements, and attitudes that shaped the world.

EAN: 9780375708084
EUR 7.00
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Storia Contemporanea Fascismo
London, Phoenix 1995, cm.12,5x19,5, pp.822, paperback. 'Inside the Third Reich is not only the most significant personal German account to come out of the war but the most revealing document on the Hitler phenomenon yet written. It takes the reader inside Nazi Germany on four different levels: Hitler's inner circle, National Socialism as a whole, the area of wartime production and the inner struggle of Albert Speer. The author does not try to make excuses, even by implication, and is unrelenting toward himself and his associates ... Speer's full-length portrait of Hitler has unnerving reality. The Führer emerges as neither an incompetent nor a carpet-gnawing madman but as an evil genius of warped conceits endowed with an ineffable personal magic' New York Times.

EAN: 9781842127353
EUR 6.00
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Storia Contemporanea Fascismo
Frankfurt/M, Fischer Taschenbuch Verlag 1992, cm.12,5x19, pp.191,(1), alcune foto in nero n.t., paperback, copertina fig., 3. Auflage.

EAN: 9783596109562
EUR 7.00
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Storia Contemporanea Fascismo
A cura di Giordano Bruno Guerri. Milano, Rizzoli Ed. 1999, cm.13x20, pp.605, con alcune br. cop.fig. Coll.Superbur. Giuseppe Bottai fu il primo a capire che il ruolo storico del fascismo si era esaurito, e insieme a Dino Grandi fu il principale sostenitore dell'ordine del giorno che provocò la caduta di Mussolini. Condannato a morte l'11 gennaio 1944 per alto tradimento, fu costretto a nascondersi e poi arruolarsi nella Legione Straniera. Questo volume completa quello che è considerato il documento più importante sul fascismo assieme ai diari di Ciano.

EAN: 9788817115629
EUR 12.00
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Storia Contemporanea Fascismo
Torino, Einaudi 1996, cm.13,5x20,5, pp.X,940, br., cop.fig. Coll.Tascabili - Saggi,342.

EAN: 9788806139971
Note: Tracce d'uso.
EUR 13.00
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