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Storia Medioevo

Le Collane

Storia Medioevo
Frankfurt/M und Leipzig, Insel Verlag 1994, cm.12x20,5, pp.495,(3), 21 tavv. in nero e 4 a colori ft., leg. ed. in tutta tela rossa, titoli al dorso, sopraccoperta fig. a colori, 1. Auflage.

EAN: 9783458166160
Note: Dedica ms. in latino al I risguardo.
EUR 15.80
EUR 10.00
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Storia Medioevo
Paris, Hachette 1983, cm.15x24, pp.438,(2), numerosi alberi genealogici e cartine in nero in appendice, br., copertina fig. a colori.

EAN: 9782010097379
EUR 16.00
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Storia Medioevo
Traduz.di Giorgia Viano Marogna. Bari, Laterza Ed. 1997, cm.13,5x21, pp.140, t.tela, sopracop.fig.a col. Coll.Storia e Società.

EAN: 9788842051787
EUR 15.50
EUR 13.00
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Storia Medioevo
Mit zahlreichen zeitgenössischen Abbildungen und drei Karten. Frankfurt/M - Berlin, Ullstein 1993, cm.11, 5x17,8, pp.783,(1), 79 ill. in nero nt. e 3cartine in nero in appendice, br., copertina fig. a colori.

EAN: 9783548340043
EUR 9.90
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Storia Medioevo
Bologna, Patron 1978, cm.17x24, pp.454, brossura.
EUR 21.00
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Storia Medioevo
New York, Oxford University Press 2005, cm.14x21, pp.326, Paperback. Coll.Great Medieval Thinkers. This will be a brief, accessible introduction to the lives and thought of two of the most controversial personalities of the Middle Ages. Abelard and Heloise are familiar names. It is their "star quality," argues Constant Mews, that has prevented them from being seen clearly in the context of 12th-century thought - that task he has set himself in this book. He contends that the dramatic intensity of these famous lives needs to be examined in the broader context of their shared commitment to the study of philosophy.

EAN: 9780195156898
Note: Con segni di lettura in alcune pagine.
EUR 19.00
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Storia Medioevo
Oxford, Oxford University Press 2006, cm.15,5x23,5, pp.1024, Paperback. The Roman empire tends to be seen as a whole whereas the early middle ages tends to be seen as a collection of regional histories, roughly corresponding to the land-areas of modern nation states. As a result, early medieval history is much more fragmented, and there have been few convincing syntheses of socio-economic change in the post-Roman world since the 1930s. In recent decades, the rise of early medieval archaeology has also transformed our source-base, but this has not been adequately integrated into analyses of documentary history in almost any country. In Framing the Early Middle Ages Chris Wickham combines documentary and archaeological evidence to create a comparative history of the period 400-800. His analysis embraces each of the regions of the late Roman and immediately post-Roman world, from Denmark to Egypt. The book concentrates on classic socio-economic themes, state finance, the wealth and identity of the aristocracy, estate management, peasant society, rural settlement, cities, and exchange. These give only a partial picture of the period, but they frame and explain other developments. Earlier syntheses have taken the development of a single region as 'typical', with divergent developments presented as exceptions. This book takes all different developments as typical, and aims to construct a synthesis based on a better understanding of difference and the reasons for it.

EAN: 9780199212965
EUR 35.00
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Storia Medioevo
Con un saggio introduttivo di Vanna Arrighi. Pisa, Pacini Editore 2019, cm.16x24, pp.222, alcune tavole bn.nt. brossura, copertina figurata a colori. Coll.Storia.
EUR 12.00
EUR 7.90
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Storia Medioevo
Oxford. Oxford University Press 2007, cm.15,5x23, pp.398, Paperback. Europe after Rome: A New Cultural History 500-1000 is the first single-author study in more than fifty years to offer an integrated appraisal of the early Middle Ages as a dynamic and formative period in European history. Written in an attractive and accessible style, the book makes extensive use of original sources in order to introduce early medieval men and women at all levels of society--from slave to emperor--and allows them to speak to students in their own words. It overturns traditional narratives and instead offers an entirely fresh approach to the centuries from c.500 to c.1000. Rejecting any notion of a dominant, uniform early medieval culture, Europe after Rome argues that the fundamental characteristic of the early middle ages is diversity of experience. To explain how the men and women who lived in this period ordered their world in cultural, social, and political terms, it employs an innovative methodology that combines cultural history, regional studies, and gender history. Ranging comparatively from Ireland to Hungary and from Scotland and Scandinavia to Spain and Italy, the analysis highlights three themes: regional variation, power, and the legacy of Rome. In the context of debates about the social, religious, and cultural meaning of "Europe" in the early twenty-first century, this book seeks the origins of European cultural pluralism and diversity in the early Middle Ages.

EAN: 9780192892638
EUR 19.00
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Storia Medioevo
A cura di Maria Pia Alberzoni. Traduz. dal tedesco di Gabriele Ingegneri. Milano, Vita e Pensiero 2000, cm.15,5x21, pp.XXVIII,261,(3), leg. ed. cartonata grigia, titolo al dorso, sopraccoperta fig. a colori. Coll. Cultura e Storia, 20.

EAN: 9788834300411
EUR 13.50
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Storia Medioevo
Oxford, Oxford at the Clarendon Press 1973, cm.14x22, pp.XII,348, Hardcover.

Note: Con note a penna all'ultimo risguardo.
EUR 9.00
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Storia Medioevo
Translated by Peter Munz. Oxford, Basil Blackwell 1968, cm.14,5x22. pp.XXIV,196. Hardcover.

EAN: 9780631053408
Note: Mancante la sovraccoperta.
EUR 7.00
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Storia Medioevo
Pisa, Pacini Editore 2019, cm.14x22,5, pp.222, brosura copertina figurata a colori. Coll.Dentro il Medioevo,10.

EAN: 9788869956102
EUR 17.00
EUR 14.50
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Storia Medioevo
Torino, Einaudi 1997, cm.15,5x21,5, pp.XII,301, t.tela,soprac.fig.a col. Biblioteca di Cultura Storica,217.

EAN: 9788806143015
EUR 29.90
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Storia Medioevo
London, Book Club Associates 1973 cm.14x21, pp.XIV,504, leg. editoriale in tutta tela, sovraccoperta.
EUR 16.00
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Storia Medioevo
Préface d'Alain Boureau Paris, Albin Michel 2000, cm.14,5x22,3, pp.444,(4), br., copertina fig. a colori. Bibliothèque Albin Michel - Histoire.

EAN: 9782226120540
EUR 21.60
EUR 14.00
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Storia Medioevo
Zürich, Artemis & Winkler 1995, cm.14x21, pp.511,(1), leg. ed. cartonata, titoloal dorso, sopraccoperta.

EAN: 9783760811109
EUR 12.00
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Storia Medioevo
Bari, Laterza 1994, cm.11,5xx16,5, pp.66, brossura. Coll.Il Nocciolo.

EAN: 9788842044703
EUR 7.00
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Storia Medioevo
Milano, Pan Editrice 1970, cm.14,5x21,5, pp.539,(1), 16 bn.ft., leg.ed.cartonata muta. Collana Storica,1.

Note: Mancante della sopracoperta.
EUR 18.00
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Storia Medioevo
Hannoverae (Hannover), impensis Bibliopolii Hahniani / Hahnsche Buchhandlung 1975, cm.19,8x27,2 pp.XVI,566,(2), br. Coll. Monumenta Germaniae Historica. Diplomata Regum et Imperatorum Germaniae, T. X,(I).
EUR 32.00
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