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Storia Medioevo

Le Collane

Storia Medioevo
A cura di Klapisch Zuber C. Traduz.di M.Baiocchi., M.Caracciolo. Bari, Editori Laterza 1990, cm.13,5x21, pp.638, t.tela, sopracop.fig.a col. Coll.Storia e Società.

EAN: 9788842036609
EUR 23.00
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Storia Medioevo
Trad.e a cura di F.M.Cataluccio. Milano, Il Saggiatore 1991, cm.14x21,5, pp.XX-151, leg.ed.soprac.fig.a col. Coll.La Cultura.

EAN: 9788804325086
EUR 24.79
EUR 15.00
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Storia Medioevo
Paris, RMN 2009, cm.23,5x30,5, pp.360, ill.col. brossura copertina figurata a colori.

EAN: 9782711856251
EUR 28.00
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Storia Medioevo
A cura di Elio Conti. Con il'Univ.di Firenze. Pisa, Giardini Ed. 1981, cm.16,5x24, pp.LXXVII,394, 2 br. Coll.Fonti di Storia Medievale e Umanistica.
EUR 43.00
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Storia Medioevo
A cura di Angelo Borghi, Michele Casanova, Federica Zelioli Pini, Antonio Battaglia e Antonio Nogara, ed. Bellavite, 2010, cm.21x30, pp.280, legatura editoriale, sopracoeprta figurata a colori. Coll.Gli Statuti Medievali del Territorio Lecchese. Archivio Storico Pensa.

EAN: 9788875111519
EUR 28.00
EUR 19.90
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Storia Medioevo
Princeton, NJ, Princeton University Press 1981, cm.15,5x23,5, pp.XVI,568, paperback. In 1957 Ernst Kantorowicz published a book that would be the guide for generations of scholars through the arcane mysteries of medieval political theology. In The King's Two Bodies, Kantorowicz traces the historical problem posed by the "King's two bodies"--the body politic and the body natural--back to the Middle Ages and demonstrates, by placing the concept in its proper setting of medieval thought and political theory, how the early-modern Western monarchies gradually began to develop a "political theology.? The king's natural body has physical attributes, suffers, and dies, naturally, as do all humans; but the king's other body, the spiritual body, transcends the earthly and serves as a symbol of his office as majesty with the divine right to rule. The notion of the two bodies allowed for the continuity of monarchy even when the monarch died, as summed up in the formulation "The king is dead. Long live the king." Bringing together liturgical works, images, and polemical material, The King's Two Bodies explores the long Christian past behind this "political theology." It provides a subtle history of how commonwealths developed symbolic means for establishing their sovereignty and, with such means, began to establish early forms of the nation-state. Kantorowicz fled Nazi Germany in 1938, after refusing to sign a Nazi loyalty oath, and settled in the United States. While teaching at the University of California, Berkeley, he once again refused to sign an oath of allegiance, this one designed to identify Communist Party sympathizers. He was dismissed as a result of the controversy and moved to the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, where he remained for the rest of his life, and where he wrote The King's Two Bodies.

EAN: 9780691020181
Note: Segni a penna al margine di alcune pagine.
EUR 12.00
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Storia Medioevo
Oxford, Oxford University Press 2008, cm.16x24, pp.VIII,368, hardcover, dustjacket. In this series of penetrating and attractively readable essays, Stefan Collini explores aspects of the literary and intellectual culture of Britain from the early twentieth century to the present. Collini focuses on critics and historians who wrote for a non-specialist readership, and on the periodicals and other genres through which they attempted to reach that readership.

EAN: 9780199296781
Note: Alcune macchie di umidità ai tagli, altrimenti come nuovo.
EUR 11.90
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Storia Medioevo
London, Edward Arnold 1975, cm.15,5x23,5, pp.X,164, paperback. Series Documents of Medieval History, 2.

EAN: 9780713158144
EUR 9.90
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Storia Medioevo
Manchester, Manchester University Press 1981, cm.12,5x18,5, pp.X,110, paperback. Series Old and Middle English Texts.

EAN: 9780719008382
EUR 7.90
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Storia Medioevo
Toronto - Buffalo - London, University of Toronto Press 1982, cm.14x21, pp.262, paperback. Series Medieval Academy Reprints for Teaching, 11.

EAN: 9780802065001
EUR 12.00
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Storia Medioevo
London, Methuen & Co. 1969, cm.14,5x22,5, pp.XIV,202, hardcover, dustjacket.

EAN: 9780416117707
Note: Firma di appartenenza a penna al primo risguardo.
EUR 12.00
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Storia Medioevo
London, Allen Lane - The Penguin Press 1988, cm.16,5x24, pp.466, harcover, dustjacket. This is a biography of Frederick II (1194-1250), King of Sicily, Holy Roman Emperor, King of Jerusalem, concentrating on the complete history of his kingdoms and placing his reign in a wide context. David Abulafia presents Frederick as less tolerant, less far-sighted in his cultural interests and less ambitious to break the power of the Roman Church than has previously been thought. Until now too, the success of Frederick's enemies in denigrating him has grossly distorted the understanding of his reign and its effects, but David Abulafia aims to redress the balance, presenting the man as a traditionalist and a deluded optimist searching for peace with two aggressive and suspicious popes.

EAN: 9780713990041
EUR 16.00
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Storia Medioevo
London, The Hambledon Press 1982, cm.16x24, pp.XII,288, hardcover, dustjacket. The inner workings of early medieval societies cannot be understood without also studying their links - religious, cultural, economic and political - with their neighbours. In this collection Karl Leyser shows how Ottonian and Salian Germany both influenced and was influenced by the societies with which it came into contact. While the author's central interest is in Germany, his work is of value for the study of medieval European society as a whole.

EAN: 9780907628088
Note: Segni a penna in alcune pagine, altrimenti come nuovo.
EUR 16.00
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Storia Medioevo
Oxford, Basil Blackwell 1965, cm.14,5x22,5, pp.XII,140, hardcover, dustjacket.
EUR 7.00
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Storia Medioevo
Chicago - London, The University of Chicago Press 2008, cm. 15x23, pp.XVIII,608, paperback. In the aftermath of sixth-century barbarian invasions, the legal profession that had grown and flourished during the Roman Empire vanished. Nonetheless, professional lawyers suddenly reappeared in Western Europe seven hundred years later during the 1230s when church councils and public authorities began to impose a body of ethical obligations on those who practiced law. James Brundage’s The Medieval Origins of the Legal Profession traces the history of legal practice from its genesis in ancient Rome to its rebirth in the early Middle Ages and eventual resurgence in the courts of the medieval church. By the end of the eleventh century, Brundage argues, renewed interest in Roman law combined with the rise of canon law of the Western church to trigger a series of consolidations in the profession. New legal procedures emerged, and formal training for proctors and advocates became necessary in order to practice law in the reorganized church courts. Brundage demonstrates that many features that characterize legal advocacy today were already in place by 1250, as lawyers trained in Roman and canon law became professionals in every sense of the term. A sweeping examination of the centuries-long power struggle between local courts and the Christian church, secular rule and religious edict, The Medieval Origins of the Legal Profession will be a resource for the professional and the student alike.

EAN: 9780226077604
EUR 9.90
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Storia Medioevo
Münster, Aschendorff Verlag 2010, cm.15,5x21,8, pp.712, br. Beiträge zur Geschichte der Philosophie und Theologie des Mittelalters. Neue Folge - Band 74.

EAN: 9783402102831
EUR 35.00
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Storia Medioevo
Traduzione di Casini Paszkowski A. Bari, Laterza brossura copertina figurata a colori. Economica Laterza.
EUR 7.50
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Storia Medioevo
Tübingen, Max Niemeyer Verlag 1999, cm.16,8x24,5, pp.IX,(1),585,(1), 23 ill. in nero n.t. e f.t., leg. ed. in tutta tela color ruggine, titolo al dorso, sopraccoperta. Fortuna Vitrea - Arbeiten zur literarischen Tradition zwischen dem 13. und 16. Jahrhundert, Band 16.

EAN: 9783484155169
EUR 60.00
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Storia Medioevo
Bearbeitet von Heinz Löwe. Weimar, Hermann Böhlaus Nachfolger 1963, cm.17x25,5, pp.383-490 (numeraz. consecutiva), br.; quasi interamente intonso.

Note: Segno di piega verticale alla copertina posteriore.
EUR 10.00
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Storia Medioevo
Bearbeitet von Heinz Löwe. Weimar, Hermann Böhlaus Nachfolger 1957, cm.17x25,5, pp.291-382 (numeraz. consecutiva), br.

Note: Due piccole lacune al piede della copertina posteriore.
EUR 10.00
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