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A cura di Marta Baiardi e Alberto Cavaglion. Roma, Viella 2014, cm.15x21, pp.XIX,392, brossura copertina fig.a col.con bandelle. Coll.I Libri di Viella,166.

EAN: 9788867281596
EUR 28.00
EUR 18.00
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Seattle - London, University of Washington Press 2001, cm.16x24, pp.X,246, hardcover, dustjacket. Generations of tourists visiting Rome have ventured into the small section between the Tiber River and the Capitoline Hill whose narrow, dark streets lead to the charming Fountain of the Tortoises, the brooding mass of the Palazzo Cenci, and some of the best restaurants in the city. This was the site of the Ghetto, within whose walls the Jews of Rome were compelled to live from 1555 until 1870. Kenneth Stow, leading authority on Italian Jews, probes Jewish life in Rome in the early years of the Ghetto. Jews had been residents of Rome since before the days of Julius Caesar, but the 16th century brought great challenges to their identity and survival in the form of Ghettoization. Intended to expedite conversion and cultural dissolution, the Ghetto in fact had an opposite effect. The Jews of Rome developed a subculture, or microculture, that ensured continuity. In particular, they developed a remarkably effective legal network of rabbinic notaries, who drew public documents such as contracts, took testimony, and arranged for disputes to go to arbitration. The ability to settle disputes relating to marriage, divorce, inheritance, and other internal matters gave Jews the illusion that they, rather than the papal vicar, were running their own affairs. Stow applies his concept of “social theater” to illuminate the role-playing that Jews adopted as a means of survival within the dominant Christian environment. He also touches briefly on Jewish culture in post-Emancipation Rome, elsewhere in Europe, and in America, and points the way toward a comparison with the acculturational strategies of other minorities, especially African Americans.

EAN: 9780295980256
Note: Minimi segni a penna al margine di alcune pagine, altrimenti come nuovo.
EUR 9.90
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Seconda edizione. Bologna, Il Mulino 2008, cm.15x23, pp.420, leg.ed.soprac.fig.a col. Biblioteca Storica.

EAN: 9788815121875
EUR 33.00
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Frankfurt/M, Jüdischer Verlag 2000, cm-12,5x20,5, pp.183,(1), leg. ed. cartonata, titolo al dorso, sopraccoperta fig. Innerhalb der lebenslangen Auseinandersetzung Hannah Arendts mit der >jüdischen Frage< kommt der Verborgenen Tradition eine besondere Bedeutung zu. Hannah Arendt versammelte in diesem Band sieben in den dreißiger und vierziger Jahren verfaßte Essays: Über den Imperialismus - Organisierte Schuld - Die verborgene Tradition - Juden in der Welt von gestern - Franz Kafka - Aufklärung und Judenfrage - Der Zionismus aus heutiger Sicht. Jeder dieser Essays ist, wie sie in der vorausgestellten >Zueignung an Karl Jaspers< ausführt, im Bewußtsein des jüdischen Schicksals in diesem Jahrhundert geschrieben. Sich kurz nach der Shoah in Deutschland, in deutscher Sprache zu politischen, historischen und literarischen Themen aus jüdischer Perspektive zu äußern ist für sie keineswegs selbstverständlich. Der Essayband ist das Zeugnis ihrer frühen Entscheidung, dennoch von jüdischer Seite aus zu der nach 1945 in Deutschland beginnenden Auseinandersetzung mit der Vergangenheit beizutragen.Die verborgene Tradition erschien erstmals 1976 im Suhrkamp Verlag. Die Sammlung geht zum größeren Teil zurück auf die erste Buchveröffentlichung Hannah Arendts im Nachkriegsdeutschland, Sechs Essays (1948).

EAN: 9783633541638
Note: Minima menda in testa al dorso della sopraccoperta, altrimenti copia come nuova.
EUR 18.80
EUR 10.00
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Traduz.di Maria Vasta Dazzi. Milano, Longanesi & C.Ed. 1980, cm.14,5x22, pp.391, legatura editoriale, sopracoperta figurata a colori. Coll.Il Cammeo,4.
EUR 14.00
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Firenze, La Nuova Italia 1974-1976, pp.317, 380, 566, brossura.
EUR 60.00
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A cura di Michele Luzzatti. Bari, Laterza 1974 cm.14x21, pp.XV,338, brossura. Biblioteca di Cultura Moderna.

EAN: 9788842044987
EUR 38.00
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New York, Alfred A.Knopf 1997, cm.16,5x24, pp.XII,350, harcover, dustjacket. Describes the 1858 kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara, the child of a Jewish merchant, by Italian police acting under the orders of the papal Inquisitor, the public outcry that followed, and the impact of the crime on the downfall of papal power in Italy.

EAN: 9780679450313
EUR 9.00
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Cambridge, MA - London, Harvard University Press 1996, cm.15,5x23,5, pp.346, paperback. This narrative history surveying one thousand years of Jewish life integrates the Jewish experience into the context of the overall culture and society of medieval Europe. It presents a new picture of the interaction between Christians and Jews in this tumultuous era. Alienated Minority shows us what it meant to be a Jew in Europe in the Middle Ages. The story begins in the fifth century, when autonomous Jewish rule in Palestine came to a close, and when the papacy, led by Gregory the Great, established enduring principles regarding Christian policy toward Jews. Kenneth Stow examines the structures of self-government in the European Jewish community and the centrality of emerging concepts of representation. He studies economic enterprise, especially banking; constructs a clear image of the medieval Jewish family; and portrays in detail the very rich Jewish intellectual life. Analyzing policies of Church and State in the Middle Ages, Stow argues that a firmly defined legal and constitutional position of the Jewish minority in the earlier period gave way to a legal status created expressly for Jews, who in the later period were seen as inimical to the common good. It was this special status that paved the way for the royal expulsions of Jews that began at the end of the thirteenth century.

EAN: 9780674015937
EUR 19.00
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Traduz.di Andrea Giardina. Bari, Laterza Ed. 1978, cm.12x19, pp.XI,412, br.cop.fig.a col. Coll.Biblioteca Universale Laterza,153.

Note: Alcune sottolineature a matita.
EUR 9.90
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Publié sous la direction de Gilbert Dahan avec la collaboration d'Élie Nicolas. Paris, Les Éditions du Cerf 1999, cm.14,5x23,5, pp.256, ill. br. fig. a colori. Coll. Nouvelle Gallia Judaica.

EAN: 9782204063340
Note: Linee a penna m.s. al margine di alcune pagine, altrimenti come nuovo.
EUR 199.00
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Traduzione di M.Villerot. Lanciano, Carabba 1965, cm.13,5x21,5, pp.174, brossura. Coll.Nuove Prospettive,11.
EUR 11.00
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Prefaz.di Elio Toaff. Milano, Mondadori Ed. 1990, cm.11x18, pp.169, br.cop.fig.a col. Coll.Oscar,196.

EAN: 9788804473985
EUR 9.00
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Araba Fenice 1994, cm.15x22, pp.510, legatura editoriale, sopracoperta. Coll.Storia della Civiltà. Il Mondo Medievale.
EUR 18.00
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Secondo la nuova versione fatta su l'ebreo da PP.Cappuccini, della Società Clementina di Parigi. Edizione italiana illustrata di note. Edizioni Analisi 1986, cm.17,5x25, pp.LXIV,180, legatura editoriale. Ristampa anastatica, Milano , 1723.
EUR 19.00
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Testi scelti e introdotti da Paul Mendes-Flohr. Ediz.italiana a cura di Irene Kajon e Paolo Piccolella. Firenze, Giuntina Ed. 2008, 11,5x19,5, pp.372, br. Coll. Schulim Vogelmann,143.

EAN: 978880572879
EUR 18.00
EUR 11.00
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Trad.di Maria Vasta Dazi. Tre carte nel testo. Milano, CDE su licenza Longanesi Ed. 1980, cm.12,5x19, pp.391, legatura editoriale.
EUR 16.90
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Presentazione di L Violante. Messaggi di J. Chirac, B. Clinton, V. Havel, R. Herzog, O. L. Scàlfaro, E. Weizman; interventi di C. Vivanti, G. Luzzatto Voghera, M. Sarfatti. Documenti, decreti-legge e iter di conversione, circolari e disposizioni amministrative Roma, Camera dei Deputati 1998, cm.17x24, pp.XI,192, brossura copertina figurata. Coll.Ricerche e Convegni.
EUR 14.90
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Traduz.di Paolo Gonnelli. Milano, Garzanti 1964, cm.14x21, pp.228, legatura editoriale, sopracoperta. Coll.La Cultura Moderna, Testi.

Note: Il volume è in ottimo stato ma la sopracoperta presenta delle mancanze.
EUR 16.00
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Presentazione di Angela Gregorini. Cusl 2000, cm.14x22, pp.152m brossura, copertina figurata.

EAN: 9788880210498
Note: Alcune sottolineature a matita nel testo.
EUR 10.00
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