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Storia Moderna

Le Collane

Storia Moderna
Michigan, Eerdmans Pub Co 1994, cm.15,5x23, pp.XI,262, paperback. From the perspective of the social history of ideas, renowned scholar Heiko Oberman addresses the conditions for reform, the articulation of the Reformers' program, and especially the consequences of the Reformatin, both in the sixteenth cenury and in its modern perception.

EAN: 9780802807328
EUR 12.00
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Storia Moderna
Firenze, Sansoni Ed. 1993, cm.16x23,5, pp.XII,352, leg.ed.sopracop.fig.a col. Coll.Biblioteca Storica.

EAN: 9788838314841
EUR 28.41
EUR 24.00
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Storia Moderna
A cura di I.Brin. Palermo, Sellerio 1992, cm.15x21,5, pp.181, br.soprac.fig.a col. Coll.La Diagonale.

EAN: 9788838908088
EUR 12.00
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Storia Moderna
Roma, Editori Riuniti 1982, cm.12,5x19,5, pp.156, br. Coll.Libri Di Base.
EUR 5.00
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Storia Moderna
alla crisi degli anni '30. Dalla crisi degli anni '30 agli inizi delle riforme. Il conflitto tra stato e chiesa. Dalle riforme alla rivoluzione. Il caso della Toscana. Torino, Loescher 1980, cm.15,5x22, pp.369, br.cop.fig. Coll.Documenti della Storia.
EUR 16.00
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Storia Moderna
A cura di Andrea Maggioli e Pietro Maranesi. Roma, Istituto Storico dei Cappuccini 1998, cm.16x24, pp.644, brossura, soprac. Bibliotheca Seraphico Capuccina,55.
EUR 24.00
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Storia Moderna
In appendice:De sacra Francisci II galliarum regis initiatione regique administrandi providentia sermo. Con prima versione italiana a fronte.... Genova, ECIG 1990, cm.15,5x21, pp.344, br.soprac.fig.a col. Coll.I Tempi della Storia.

EAN: 9788875456528
Note: Con dedica dell'autore.
EUR 19.63
EUR 14.00
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Storia Moderna
Novara, Ist.Geografico De Agostini 2008, cm.17,5x25, pp.XXVIII,1035, con (copia come nuova). t.seta, placchette a col.applicate alla cop.e dorso, fregi e titoli in oro al piatto ant.e dorso. Coll.Storia d'Italia dir.da G.Galasso.
EUR 190.00
EUR 99.00
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Storia Moderna
Traduz.di Carlo Pischedda. Torino, Einaudi Ed. 1986, cm.10,5x18, pp.XXXVI,690, alcune br. Coll.P.B.E.,Geografia e Storia,471 parte prima.
EUR 11.00
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Storia Moderna
Bologna, Arti grafiche Tamari 1961, cm.17x24, pp.24, brossura. Quaderni della Scuola di Paleografia ed Archivistica,XVI. Ediione di 150 esemplari fuori commercio.
EUR 8.00
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Storia Moderna
Bologna, Arti grafiche Tamari 1970, cm.17x24, pp.40, brossura. Quaderni della Scuola di Paleografia ed Archivistica,XVI. Ediione di 150 esemplari fuori commercio.
EUR 12.00
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Storia Moderna
A cura di Gigliola Pasquinelli. Milano, Bompiani 1977, cm.13x22, pp.266, br.cop.fig.a col. Coll.Tascabili.
EUR 8.00
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Storia Moderna
Firenze, La Nuova Italia 1976, cm.12x20, pp.115, br. Coll.Strumenti,46.
EUR 11.00
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Storia Moderna
Salerno, Carlone Editore 2003, cm.13x20, pp.263, bossura cop.fig. Coll.Immagini del Medioevo,7.

EAN: 9788886854733
EUR 13.00
EUR 11.00
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Storia Moderna
W W Norton 1982, cm.13,5x21, pp.364, softcover. Coll.The Norton History of Modern Europe. Drawing on the best contemporary scholarship, especially the innovations of French social history, Isser Woloch paints an unusually rich and detailed portrait of eighteenth-century European life and society. Among the new topics he covers are the family economy of the poor, popular culture and the circulation of books, changing patterns of crime and punishment, and the social history of military and religious institutions.

EAN: 9780393952148
EUR 8.90
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Storia Moderna
Arnold Publ. 1997, cm.15,5x23, pp.XVI,410, softcover. Coll.The Arnold History of Britain Series. The "long eighteenth century" in British history--the period from 1688 to 1832--defies easy characterization. Blending narrative chapters with more solid analysis, this study by a leading historian provides a fresh and cogent account of the period, introducing a wide audience to both the contours of the age and the genuine excitement of recent debate in this regard. Not only does this book cover more of the 18th century than most other works on the subject, it is the first single-volume history to regard the entire spectrum of the period in the light of modern research.

EAN: 9780340567517
EUR 13.90
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Storia Moderna
Oxford, Clarendon Press 1983, cm.13,5x21, pp.XXI,455, br.cop.fig.a col.

EAN: 9780198226918
EUR 12.00
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Storia Moderna
Penguin 2008, cm.13x19,5, pp.736, paperback. Coll.PP HISTORY PB. The Pursuit of Glory brings to life one of the most extraordinary periods in European history - from the battered, introvert continent after the Thirty Years War to the dynamic one that experienced the French Revolution and the wars of Napoleon. Tim Blanning depicts the lives of ordinary people and the dominant personalities of the age (Louis XIV, Frederick the Great, Napoleon), and explores an era of almost unprecedented change, growth and cultural, political and technological ferment that shaped the societies and economies of entire countries.

EAN: 9780140166675
EUR 9.90
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Storia Moderna
Mentor Books 2000, cm.10,5x17, pp.606, br.ssura copertina figurata a colori. Three illustrious early American statesmen defend the political principles and ideologies set forth in the Constitution of the United States, in a new edition of the classic, which is accompanied by a selected bibliography, historical glossary, new introduction, and other resource material. Reprint.

EAN: 9780451628817
EUR 6.90
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Storia Moderna
Second Nation. Yale Univ Press 2005, cm.12,5x19, pp.430, brossura copertina figurata a colori. How was Great Britain made? And what does it mean to be British? In this prize-winning book, Linda Colley combines imperial, political, social, and cultural history to analyze the evolution of Britishness, evoking its enduring tensions as well as its powerful characteristics. Hailed at its publication as the most dazzling and comprehensive study of a national identity yet to appear? (Tom Nairn),Britons is now reissued with a new Preface by the author commenting on the book?s genesis and critical reception and on recent political developments. A sweeping survey, . . . evocatively illustrated and engagingly written.?Harriet Ritvo,New York Times Book Review Dashingly written and firmly unsentimental.?Keith Thomas, New York Review of Books Extremely learned and penetrating . . . [and] most entertaining.?Conor Cruise O?Brien,New Republic Challenging, fascinating, enormously well informed.?John Barrell, London Review of Books [Colley] has a capacity for historical generalizations that puts her into the front rank among her contemporaries.?E. P. Thompson,Dissent Absolutely magnificent.?Jeffrey Hart, National Review

EAN: 9780300107593
EUR 7.90
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