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Firenze, Polistampa 2011, cm.15,5x20, pp.106, ill.a col. br.copertina figurata a colori. Questa pubblicazione vuole offrire al pubblico un gruppo di significativi reperti archeologici di Fiesole, conservati ed esposti nel locale Museo Civico. Non è una guida in senso stretto, bensì uno strumento per orientarsi nelle diverse sale alla scoperta degli oggetti più curiosi e particolari. Ognuno di essi è parte della storia di Fiesole: la racconta e la rappresenta al visitatore. È tuttavia difficile cogliere tra i tanti oggetti, a volte di dimensioni davvero ridotte, quell'aspetto particolare e, in esso, il dettaglio significativo che metta in moto la curiosità e la volontà di capire. Di qui l'idea di usare l'obiettivo fotografico e il forte ingrandimento. Gli oggetti sono stati scelti per la loro qualità, espressività e rappresentatività nel contesto archeologico fiesolano. Sono documenti e fonti storiche di primaria importanza. Da un certo punto di vista, questo libro suggerisce domande più che risposte e invita a vedere e a cercare non solo nell'insieme ma anche nel dettaglio la storia degli uomini e delle donne di Fiesole e delle civiltà etrusca, romana e longobarda.

EAN: 9788859609230
EUR 10.00
EUR 8.00
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Contributi di Riccardo Ambrosini e Alberto Riparbelli, Lucca, Pacini Fazzi Ed. 1982, cm.22x28, pp.466, CIX tavv.con 67 interc.n tutta tela.

Note: MAncante della sopracoperta.
EUR 49.00
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Roma, Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei 1995, cm.17x24, pp.126, 24 figg. e 26 append., br. Allo stato di nuovo. Coll.Atti dell'Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei. Memorie. Serie IX, Vol.VII, Fasc.1.

EAN: 9788821805035
EUR 13.00
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Oxford University Press 1993, cm.22x28, pp.IX,406, hardcover, dustjacket. Lying at the heart of the Western classical tradition, the rich legacy of the arts of ancient Greece and Rome continues to provide inspiration and guidance to artists and art lovers everywhere. Lavishly illustrated and masterfully prepared under the editorship of John Boardman, one of the world's preeminent classicists, The Oxford History of Classical Art offers readers the definitive companion to the artistic and architectural achievements of the Greco-Roman world, from the rise of the Greek city-states to the fall of the Roman Empire. Written by Boardman and a team of distinguished experts, this sumptuous volume presents the full pageantry and glory of the classical world, tracing the origins and evolution of classical art as it gradually moved from the art of individuals and small communities to the art of a world power. Particular attention is paid throughout to the splendor and quality of the arts themselves, aptly represented in 528 stunningly beautiful black and white and full-color plates. From the stiffly representational style of early antiquity and the oriental influence of Egypt and Mesopotamia to the full flowering of the Greece's Golden Age, text and illustrations work together to enhance our appreciation of the fascinating process through which humanity itself became the central focus of art, and artists and artisans sought for the first time not just to imitate the natural world, but to actually improve on nature through perfection of form and composition. Turning to Rome, the contributors dramatically illustrate that Roman art was far more than a mere pastiche of Greek influences. They take an in-depth look at the Romans' profound contributions to architecture, as they used their technical progress with arch, vault, and the use of brick and concrete, to create new attitudes to the use of space and light and principles of design which went far beyond the more limited ambitions of the Greek world. Destined to become the definitive sourcebook in its field, The Oxford History of Classical Art is indispensable for anyone intrigued by the timeless heritage of the ancient world, as well as for artists and students of art and art history.

EAN: 9780198143864
EUR 27.90
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Avec la collaboration de Anne Robyn & l'atelier Textes Corinne Chuard. Photos de Robert Popòawski, David Richard. Favre, Pierre-Marcel 2016, cm.25x28, pp.204, num.figg.a col.nt. leg.ed.cop.fig.a col. Coll.Abums.

EAN: 9782828915674
EUR 54.00
EUR 27.00
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London, Thames and Hudson 2001, cm.15x21, pp.286, 387 ill. paperback. Coll.World of Art.

EAN: 9780500202494
EUR 14.90
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London, Thames and Hudson 2002, cm.15x21, pp.216, 214 ill. 54 in col. paperback. Coll.World of Art.

EAN: 9780500203033
EUR 14.90
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A cura del Min.della Pubblica Istr.-Direz.Gen.delle Antichità e delle Belle Arti. Roma, Ist.Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato-Archivi di Stato 1950, cm.13x18,5, pp.110, 1 pianta e 18 foto bn.nt.e 100 ft. br. Coll.Itinerari dei Musei,Gallerie e Monumenti d'Italia. Quinta edizione ampliata e aggiornata.
EUR 8.00
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A cura del Min.della Pubblica Istr.-Direz.Gen.delle Antichità e delle Belle Arti. Roma, Ist.Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato-Archivi di Stato 1950, cm.13x18,5, pp.74, 1 pianta e 29 foto bn.ft. br. Coll.Itinerari dei Musei,Gallerie e Monumenti d'Italia.
EUR 5.00
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London, Thames and Hudson 1989, cm.15x21, pp.252, 566 br.cop.fig.a col. Coll.World of Art.

EAN: 9780500202449
EUR 15.50
EUR 14.90
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Roma, L'Erma di Bretschneider 1985, cm.16x24, pp.365, br.cop.fig. Coll.La Fenice.

EAN: 9788870625653
EUR 49.00
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Firenze, Electa 1985, cm.22x24, pp.136, col.nt. br.cop.fig.a col.
EUR 24.00
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Preface de Eric Gubel. geneve, Georges Naef 2008, cm.23x28,5, pp.214, ill.col. Broché. Sans prétendre à l'exhaustivité, ce livre vous convie à la découverte de l'art phénicien à travers l'histoire, la culture, les croyances, l'artisanat d'un peuple mais aussi à travers ses mythes et ses légendes. Maha El-Khalil Chalabi a dans son cœur l'amour du beau ; la magie l'a inspirée, le savoir-faire d'artisans a fait le reste. Mettant plus de 6.000 ans de savoir-faire au service d'une conception unique, mariant l'antique et le contemporain, elle nous propose de véritables pièces de collection, témoignages de la virtuosité légendaire de ses nobles et prestigieux ancêtres. Se basant sur les témoignages des historiens et les documents archéologiques, elle les teinte de sa sensibilité propre et crée un art nouveau, personnel, vivant, qui continue la tradition et la renouvelle : mobilier, art de la table, objets décoratifs mais également projets d'architecture, de décoration, d'urbanisme et d'aménagement paysager. L'auteur nous livre ici le fruit d'une passion et nous propose un nouvel art de vivre.

EAN: 9782831304007
Note: Tampon d'archives à la première page.
EUR 44.00
EUR 19.00
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Milano, Darp 2005, cm.13x22, pp.188, ill.a col. br.cop.fig. Coll.Medioevo Guide.
EUR 4.90
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Milano, Darp 2005, cm.13x22, pp.188, ill.a col. br.cop.fig. Coll.Archeo Guide.
EUR 4.90
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Coll. S.M.Chiodi e G.D.Monte. Milano, Rusconi 1993, cm.14x21,5, pp.430, br.cop.fig.a col.

EAN: 9788818880281
EUR 16.00
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Los Angeles, J Paul Getty Museum Publ. 2006, cm.15x23, pp.176, ill.col. softcover, col. Coll.Looking at Series. What is a pyxis? Who was the Amasis Painter? How did Greek vases get their distinctive black and orange colors? This richly illustrated book--the latest in the popularLooking At series--offers definitions and descriptions of these and many other Greek vase shapes, painters, and techniques encountered in museum exhibitions and publications on ancient Greek ceramics. Included is an essay on how to look at Greek vases and another on the conservation of ancient ceramics. These essays provide succinct explanations of the terms most frequently encountered by museum-goers. The concise definitions are divided into two sections, one on potters and painters and another on vase shapes and technical terms relating to the construction and decoration of the vases. Featuring numerous color illustrations of Greek vases, many from the Getty Museum's collection,Understanding Greek Vases is an indispensable guide for anyone wishing to obtain a greater understanding and enjoyment of Greek ceramics.

EAN: 9780892365999
EUR 11.90
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Thames & Hudson 2001, cm.19x25, pp.320, 358 illustrations. hardcover, dustjacket. Greek pottery has long fascinated scholars and historians of art. It provides a continuous commentary on all other Greek arts, even sculpture, and the scenes figured on the vases can prove to be as subtle and informative as the works of Greek literature. In no other art of antiquity do we come closer to the visual experience of the ancient Greeks or share their views on life, myth, and even politics. The stylistic history of Greek vases has been demonstrated in other Thames & Hudson books by John Boardman. Here he sketches that history but goes on to explore the many other matters that make the study so fruitful. He describes the methods of making and decorating vases, the processes of identifying the artists, life in the potters' quarter in Greek towns, the way in which the wares were traded far beyond the borders of the Greek world, from Morocco to Persia, from Russia to the Sudan, and problems in making and decorating them. He shows how Greek artists exercised a style of narrative in art that was long influential in the West, and how their pictures reflected not simply on storytelling but on the politics and social order of the day. The vases' function in Greek culture and as messengers of style and subject are explained.

EAN: 9780500237809
EUR 36.90
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Sulle tracce dei più grandi pionieri dell'archeologica, Burckardt, Belzoni, Champollion, Lepsius, Humann, Curtius, Scgliemann, MAriette, Budge, Evans, Winckler, Borchardt, Carter, Wolley. Milano, Sugar Co Edizioni 1980, cm.13x21, pp.212, 75 br.cop.fig.a col. Coll.Universo Sconosciuto,98.
EUR 9.90
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Berlin und Darmstadt, Deutsche Buchgemeinschaft 1954, cm. 18x23,5, pp.494,(2), numerose ill. nt., XXXI tavv. ft. e 4 cartine in appendice tutte a un colore, leg. ed. in mz. pelle, piatto ant. fig., titoli e impressioni in oro al dorso.
EUR 15.00
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