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Storia Medioevo Cronache


Oxford, Clarendon Press 1979, cm.14,5x22, pp.XXXVI,180, hardcover. Series Oxford Medieval Text.

EAN: 9780198222620
Note: Editor Signature on the flyleaf (Firma di appertenenza a penna dell'editore al primo risguardo). Esemplare privo di sovraccoperta.
EUR 90.00
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Edited and Translated by the late Charles Johnson, with correction by F. E. L. Carter and D. E. Greenway. Oxford, Clarendon Press 1983, cm.14x22,5, pp.LXIV.144, hardcover. Series Oxford Medieval Texts.

EAN: 9780198222682
Note: Esemplare privo di sovraccoperta. Strappo composto all'ultima pagina bianca.
EUR 45.00
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Cambridge, Cambridge University Press 1985, cm.14x21,5, pp.IX,(3),180, paperback. In his role of apostle of the English and promoter of Augustine's mission, Gregory the Great became the subject of what is one of the earliest pieces of literature surviving from the Anglo-Saxon period: a Life written by an unknown author at Whitby around 680–704. Although crude in its latinity and idiosyncratic in its presentation, this work is a fascinating source of early traditions about the conversion of the English - including the famous story of Gregory's encounter with the Anglian slave boys - and an important witness to the veneration felt for the saint himself. It casts valuable light on English history in the seventh century, particularly on the career of Edwin of Northumbria, and is the source of two of the most famous legends of the Middle Ages, the Mass of St Gregory and the story of Trajan's rescue from hell. The Life of Gregory seems to be the earliest of the Saints' lives of this period and it is in many ways the most remarkable.

EAN: 9780521313841
Note: Timbri di biblioteca alla testa e alla prima pagina.
EUR 12.00
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Leiden - Köln, E. J. Brill 1990, voll. 2 di 2, cm. 16x24,5, pp.VIII,372;(4),373-572, leg. editoriale in tutta tela blu, titoli in oro ai piatti anteriori e ai dorsi. Coll. Mittellateinische Studien und Texte, XVIII, 1-2. Hugo of Macon wrote his Latin chivalric poem "De militum gestis memorabilibus (almost 6000 verses in elegiac couplets) in the middle of the 13th century. The present Editio princeps is based on two complete manuscripts. Extensive excerpts have been added from a commentary which was written about a generation later.The work links the tradition of the allegorical didactic poetry of the high middle ages with the novella-like elements of vernacular poetry. In this way the impressive literary inventivity of the author produces a world of knights, kings, hermits, pilgrims and crusades, contrasted with philosophical and theological teachings. The language is rich in reminiscences from classical literature, whilst medieval influences include Alan of Lille and Mathew of Vendtme.The introduction to the edition sets out the situation of the transmission of the poem. All of its nine books are paraphrased in detail and the editor points out parallel motifs from Latin and vernacular literatures. An index is given of the sources which the medieval commentator used to explain the text.In this way the text itself forms a contribution to the investigation of the narrative literature of the Middle Ages, whilst the commentary can be seen as a document of school activity in the 13th century.

EAN: 9789004092013
Note: Dedica a penna al primo risguardo del volume I.
EUR 45.00
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London, Offices of the Royal Historical Society 1949, cm.16,5x21,5, pp.LXIX,(1),108,(2), rileg. coeva in percallina violetta, impress. a secco ai piatti, sigla CS in oro all'anteriore, titolo e cornice in oro al dorso. Invio autogr. del curatore al I risguardo, ed ex libris applicato al contropiatto. Camden Third Series, Vol. LXXII.
EUR 20.00
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Oxford, Clarendon Press 1960, cm.14,5x22, pp.VIII,340, leg. ed. in tutta tela, titolo in oro al dorso

Note: Esemplare privo di sovraccoperta, altrimenti come nuovo.
EUR 24.00
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Herausgegeben und übersetzt von Matthias Becher unter Mitarbeit von Florian Hartmann und Alheydis Plassmann. Darmstadt, Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft 2007, cm.15x22,5, pp.(6),328, leg. ed. cartonata. Coll. Ausgewählte Quellen zur Deutschen Geschichte des Mittelalters. Freiherr-vom-Stein-Gedächtnisausgabe, Band 18b

EAN: 9783534075645
EUR 48.00
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Editionis textum paravit / Übersetzt von Hans F. Haefele. Darmstadt, Wisseschaftliche Buchgesellschaft 1980, cm.14,7x22,7, pp.(8),297,(3), leg. ed. in tutta tela grezza, titolo in oro su fondo rosso al dorso. Ausgewählte Quellen zur Deutschen Geschichte des Mittelalters, Band X.
EUR 22.00
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Unveränderter reprographischer Nachdruck der I. Auflage (Halle an der Saale, Verlag von Max Niemayer 1898). Lateinischer Text und provenzalische Übersetzung mit Einleitung von F. Ed. Schneegans Genève, Slatkine Reprints 1977, cm15,2x21,7, pp.(14),270,(2), leg. in pelle ed. verde, titolo in oro al dorso. Romanische Bibliothek, 15.
EUR 28.00
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Herausgegeben vom Reichsinstitut für Ältere Deutsche Geschichtskunde. Dritte Auflage bearbeitet von Bernhard Schmeidler. Hannover, Hahnsche Buchhandlung 1937, cm.14,5x23, pp.XXXII,284, br.

Note: Copia priva di copertine e del primo quartino precedente il frontespizio (e di cui solo le prime 2 pagine sono comprese nella numerazi romana iniziale). In ottime condizioni la parte del testo.
EUR 9.90
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Übersetzt von Adolf Schmidt. Herausgegeben von Franz-Josef Schmale. Latein/Deutsch.. Berlin, Deutscher Verlag der Wissenschaften 1965, cm.14,5x22,5, pp.XI,(1),760, leg. ed. in tutta tela grezza, tioli in oro su fondo rosso impressi al dorso. Coll. Ausgewählte Quellen zur Deutschen Geschichte des Mittelalters, Band XVII:

Note: Rar e non invasivi interventi a penna rossa n.t., riassunti nel secondo risguardo e nel secondo contropiatto.
EUR 20.00
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A variant version edited from Jacob Hammer. Cambridge, MA, The Mediaeval Academy of America 1951, cm.18x26, pp.(8),292, leg. ed. in tutta tela verde, titoli in oro al dorso.

Note: Firma di appartenenza a penna al primo risguardo.
EUR 32.00
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Herausgegeben von Michael Tangl. Berolini (Berlino), Weidmannsche Buchhandlung 1916. Tomus I, cm.15x21, pp.XL,321, mit 3 tafeln in lichtdruck, leg. in tutta tela. Monumenta Germaniae Historica. Inde AB Anno Christi Quingentesimo Usque Ad Annum Millesimum Et Quingentesimum. Societas Aperiendis Fontibus Rerum Germanicarum Medii Aevi.

Note: Ristampa fotostatica.
EUR 20.00
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A cura di Augusto Conte. Firenze, Sismel Edizioni del Galluzzo 2009, cm.17x24, pp.XII,191, br. Fuori collana Fondazione Franceschini, 9. In occasione degli ottant'anni di Cesare Segre, si pubblica la bibliografia completa dei suoi scritti, che riprende e completa quella uscita nel 1987, già seguita da un aggiornamento nel 1998. Oltre alla imponente produzione filologica e critica, si comprendono gli articoli pubblicati in quotidiani e periodici di carattere divulgativo.
EUR 28.00
EUR 14.00

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Post G.H.Pertz Recensuit G.Waitz. Curavit O.Holder Egger. Hannoverae, Impensis Bibliopolii Hahniani 1965, cm.14,5x20,5, pp.XXIX,60, brossura. Coll. Monumenta Germaniae Historica (MGH). Scriptores Rerum Germanicarum in Usum Scholarum separatim Editi, Band 26. Editio Sexta. Ristampa dell'edizione del 1911.
EUR 11.00
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Editio tertia post Georgium Heiricum Pertz. Recognovit Arnestus Muller. Accedit Angelberti Rhythmus De Pugna Fontanetica. Hannoverae, Impensis Bibliopolii Hahniani 1965, cm.14,5x20,5, pp.XIV,62, brossura. Coll. Monumenta Germaniae Historica. Scriptores Rerum Germanicarum in Usum Scholarum separatim Editi, Band 26. Ristampa fotostatica dell'edizione del 1907.
EUR 11.00
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Testo in latino. Helsinki, 1957, cm.14,5x23, pp.184, brossura. Documenta historica quibus res nationum septentrionalium illustrantur edidit Academia Scientarum Fennica,9.
EUR 18.00
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Herausgegeben von Francis Newton.Testo in latino. Berlin, Böhlaus Nachfolger 1973, cm.15x23, pp.VIII,98, brossura. Coll.Monumenta Germaniae Historica: Quellen zur Geistesgeschichte des Mittelalters, VII.
EUR 18.00
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Denuo recognovit Th. Mommsen. München, Monumenta Germaniae Historica 1978, cm.14x23, pp.XXXII,60, brossura. Coll. Monumenta Germaniae Historica. Scriptores Rerum Germanicarum in Usum Scholarum separatim Editi, Band 26
EUR 11.00
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Herausgegeben von Hans F.Haefele. Berlin, Berolini Apud Weidmannos 1962, cm.15x23, pp.XLVIII,128, brossura. Coll.Monumenta Germaniae Historica. Scriptores Rerum Germanicarum. Nova Series , Tomus XII.
EUR 18.00
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