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Ippica Cavalli


(Ad uso degli allievi dell'arma di fanteria). Modena, Stab.Poligrafico s.d. cm.10,5x15, pp.32, fascicolo.
EUR 16.00
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Mantova, Adalberto Sartori Ed. 1974, cm.16x22,5, pp.36, fascicolo, Coll.Quaderni Storici Mantovani,7.
EUR 9.00
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View Productions 1984, cm.44x31, formato albo. pp.80, ill.a colori. legatura editoriale, copertina rigida.

EAN: 9780908240654
EUR 30.00
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With numerous engravings and diagrams. London, J A Allen & Co 1999, cm.15x23, pp.160,160, paperback.

EAN: 9780851311487
EUR 10.00
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Illustrated by William Perry. London, Dover Publications 1994, cm.19x24,5, pp.178, softcover. A nostaligic collection of 274 finely detailed line drawings of wagons, vans, and drays customized for farmers, bakers, wine merchants, and more. Includes agricultural, luggage, and dairy carts, corn, coal, brewers, wine, and spirit carts, vans for furniture proprietors, cabinet makers, hauliers, builders, and contractors, plus wheels, axles, hand carts, barrows, and more.

EAN: 9780486281230
EUR 11.00
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Illustrated by William Perry. London, J.A.Allen & Co 1995, cm.19x24,5, pp.108, softcover. Horse owners who want to make their own horse equipment can use this book with confidence. No special skills are needed and the book is presented in the same format as Jean Perry's popular "Make Your Own Horse Clothing". Over 40 items of equipment are described with simple, concise and easily followed instructions. The graph patterns and drawings which accompany the text can be modified to suit individual needs. Many items can be re-cycled from worn-out equipment, some use readily available materials and where special materials are required the author suggest where they can be found.

EAN: 9780851313931
EUR 9.90
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London, J.A.Allen & Co 1993, cm.14,5x21, pp.80, softcover.

EAN: 9780851312224
EUR 8.00
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Forerword by Mrs Nubar Gulbenkian, illustrated by G.H.A.White. London, J A Allen & Co 1988, cm.12x18, pp.212, paperback.

EAN: 9780851313900
EUR 9.00
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London, J.A.Allen & Co Ltd 1998, cm.23x15, pp.XIV,178, softcover. "Make the Most of Carriage Driving" is a delightful introduction to driving in its various forms. The authors combine to provide a wealth of knowledge coupled with a bubbling enthusiasm for all sporting and recreational aspects of driving and for the animals who play an essential role in it. After recounting the history of carriage driving and the evolution of the related sports, the book offers advice on retraining an animal to go in harness and on choosing and maintaining a suitable vehicle and equipment. Correct, safe procedures for putting to and taking out are discussed, and there is detailed advice on how to drive in single harness, followed by descriptions of the principles of driving pairs, tandem and teams. The section on driving in the show ring covers the judge's view-point; types of class, turnout and show ring procedure and also offers practical guidelines as to the best methods of transporting animals and vehicles to and from the showground. In keeping with the authors' obvious love of the animals involved, the book even offers advice on choosing and training a coaching dog to complete the ensemble. "Make the Most of Carriage Driving" offers a colourful blend of history, sound technical advice and encouragement, making it essential reading for any aspiring Whip, or indeed, for anyone who is stirred by the sight and sound of horses in harness.

EAN: 9780851316024
EUR 12.00
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ETSAF s.d.circa 1990, cm.16x22, pp.80 a colori. brossura copertina figurata a colori.
EUR 8.00
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LAusanne, Favre 1989, cm.15x23, pp.190, brochè. Coll.Caracole.

EAN: 9782828903275
EUR 12.90
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Foreword by HRH The Duke of Edinburgh. Translated by Frank Haydon, Anne Weber illustrated by Gisela Holstein. London, J.A.Allen 2006, cm.18x24,5, pp.192, paperback. This is a new edition of the definitive work by an international expert on the restoration of horse-drawn carriages.

EAN: 9780851316789
EUR 12.00
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Illustrated by William Perry. J.A.Allen & Co 1995, cm.18,5x24,5, pp.108, paperback.

EAN: 9780851313832
EUR 9.90
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J.A.Allen & Co 1993, cm.14,5x21, pp.103, legatura editoriale, soprertina figurata This is one of a trio of books ("The Saddle", "Bitting" and "Training Aids") which combine to form a practical manual covering the origin, action, use and recommended fitting of a very wide range of items within the three areas. Written in a clear, readable style and well-illustrated throughout, the books should be of interest to all horse-owners and riders and of value to examination candidates, providing as it does a sound understanding of the subject. This book looks at bitting, with five principal headings, beginning with an explanation of the development of bitting systems, culminating in those currently in use. The function of the bit within the combination of rational aids is defined and is followed by an examination of the equine mouth conformation as a factor governing choice. The bitting groups and the patterns which are available are all clearly explained, together with details of the action of each and their suitability to the purpose and the stage of training. Particular attention is paid to bridle fitting, construction and materials and there is a clear explanation of the influence of bitting auxiliaries (nosebands and martingales) on the action of the bit. Also included is a short section on common bitting problems and another on cleaning and maintenance.

EAN: 9780851315270
EUR 8.90
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J.A.Allen 1988, cm.18x26, pp.315, ill. hardocover, dustjacket. "The Encyclopaedia of Carriage Driving", available again in this updated edition, is the only book of this kind on the subject. It contains valuable information on every aspect of driving for pleasure and competition. The entries include full details of the handling of the whip and reins for single, pair, tandem and team driving, types of harness, kinds of vehicle and historical figures. The title is international in scope and has been referred to as a 'new companion to Britannica'. It is an authoritative reference book for the rapidly increasing number of people who are taking an interest in this exciting sport.

EAN: 9780851314464
EUR 19.90
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Torino, Allemandi 2008, cm.24,5x34, pp.200, centinaia di figure a colori nel testo. legatura editoriale, sopracoperta figurata a colori. Il fotografo Lorenzo Capellini ha vissuto per due anni nei luoghi dove ancora si tramanda dai tempi dei tempi l'antica e nobile passione degli uomini per i cavalli: allevamenti, scuderie, concorsi ippici nei quali ha scattato dodicimila fotografie, di cui circa cinquecento pubblicate in questo volume. Un viaggio per scoprire tutto ciò che viene prima e dietro un concorso ippico, con le citazioni di cavalieri, amazzoni, spettatori famosi e un saggio introduttivo di Michel Robert.

EAN: 9788842216049
EUR 60.00
EUR 19.90

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Paris, Editions Atlas 2009, cm.23x30, pp.240 ill.col. broche. Ce magnifique coffret consacré à l'univers du cheval et de l'équitation réunit les deux ouvrages suivants: l'Atlas Nature Les plus beaux chevaux du monde et L'Atlas Pratique de l'Equitation. - Les techniques de base. L'Atlas nature propose un tour d'horizon complet des races de chevaux du monde entier. Vous allez apprendre à connaître les races communes, et d'autres plus rares ; pour chacune sont présentés les origines, le type et le tempérament, le caractère, la robe, la taille, etc. Cet ouvrage de référence, superbement illustré, plaira à tous les amateurs de chevaux ! L'Atlas pratique, indispensable pour tout débutant à cheval, aborde une foultitude de questions en fournissant des conseils pratiques et simples à mettre en application. Aborder un cheval à l'écurie, seller, débrider, desseller, monter à cheval, partir au trot, entretenir l'allure, contrôler le galop, bien tenir ses rênes, conduire son cheval à l'obstacle, effectuer des figures simples ou partir en promenade cet ouvrage aborde tous les principes de base.

EAN: 9782723465618
EUR 12.00
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Paris, Atlas Editions 2001, cm.23x29,5, pp.224, ill.col. Couverture rigide. Pour entrer dans l'univers fascinant du monde équestre, cet Atlas des techniques de l'équitation est un outil indispensable. Ce livre aborde en détail tous les domaines de l'art équestre, à commencer par le dressage il explore ensuite toutes les disciplines dans lesquelles cheval et cavalier pourront inscrire leurs exploits : le saut d'obstacles, le cross-country, l'équitation western, la randonnée ou encore la voltige...

EAN: 9782723430357
Note: Tampon d'archives à la première page.
EUR 29.90
EUR 13.00

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Paris, Atlas 2002, cm.23x30, pp.397, ill.coul., Relié avec jaquette. " La plus noble conquête que l'homme ait jamais faite est ce fougueux animal, qui partage avec lui les fatigues de la guerre et les gloires des combats ; aussi intrépide que son maître, le cheval voit le péril et l'affronte... ". Ainsi le grand naturaliste Buffon décrivait le cheval. Aujourd'hui, plus que jamais, cet éloge conserve toute sa vérité. Cet ouvrage, fruit de connaissances et d'érudition permettra aux nombreux amoureux du cheval de mieux le connaître : races, soins, équitation, psychologie, etc. 400 pages de savoir et de connaissance agrémentées de magnifiques photos.

EAN: 9782723431187
EUR 37.00
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Roma, presso il Segretariato del Jockey Club s.d.(1885), cm. pp.(2),360, rileg. coeva in tutta pelle, doppio tassello in pelle rossa e nera con titoli in oro al dorso.

Note: Interni fortemente e uniformemente ingialliti per il tipo di carta.
EUR 30.00
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