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Arte Scultura


San Giovanni Valdarno, Casa di Masaccio, 17 Novembre 1984. Firenze, Galleria Carini Edizioni 1984, cm.23x28,5, pp66, numerose tavole a colori e una ripiegata nel testo. brossura copertina figurata.
EUR 17.00
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Maggio 1987, Introduzione di Stephen Bann. Firenze, Galleria Carini cm.28x22,5, formato albo. pp.42, ill. brossura copertina figurata.
EUR 9.00
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Préface par Margit Rowell. Paris, Centre Georges Pompidou 1995, cm.24x28,5,, pp.74, ill.a colori. brochè. Beaux Arts Magazine. Horrs Serie.
EUR 9.50
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Firenze, Palagioo di Parte Guelfa. 2009, cm.22x22, pp.34, ill.a colori. brossura copertina figurata a colori.
EUR 6.00
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Firenze, Giovanni Pratesi Antiquario/Polistampa 1998, cm.17x24, pp.85, nt. br.
EUR 15.00
EUR 10.00

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26 Octobre 2002- 16 fevrier 2003. Nice, Galerie Contemporaine du Musée d'art Moderne et d'Art Contemporaine. Musee Des Beaux Arts Nice 2002, cm.24x30, pp.150, ill.a colori. brossura copertina figurata a colori.

EAN: 9782913548404
EUR 48.00
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Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, 15 Dicembre 1998- 15 Marzo 1999. Madrid, 1999, cm.25x31, pp.374, a colori. legatura editoriale, in tutta tela, sopracoperta figurata a colori.

EAN: 9788480261203
EUR 35.00
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Galeria Colon XVI. Bilbao, 2004, cm.24x25, pp.circa 80, brossura copertina figurata a colori.
EUR 10.00
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Werkverzeichnis der Skulpture / catalog raisonne of the sculptures. Paris, Maeght Editeur 1979, cm.23x31, pp.198, legatura editoriale, in tutta tela, sopracoperta figurata a colori.

EAN: 9782855870625
EUR 34.00
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Firenze, FOS 1991, cm.22,5x23, pp.72, ill.fotografiche bn. legatura ed.sopracoperta figurata. Coll.Pigmalione 1.
EUR 10.00
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Paris, Centre Georges Pompidou 1997, cm.20x24,5, pp.78, ill.a colori. brossura copertina figurata a colori.

EAN: 9782858509140
EUR 36.00
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2000, cm.20x28, pp.67, ill.a colori. legatura editoriale cartonata, sopracoperta figurata a colori.
EUR 8.00
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Zur Ausstellung Bonn, Münster, 1989. 1989, cm.24,5x30,5, pp.162,
EUR 19.90
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Henry Moore Foundation. Lund Humphries Publishers 1995, cm.24,5x30, pp.144, ill. hardcover, dustjacket. Stephen Cox first established a reputation in the late 1970s with vast 'Surface' sculptures in plaster resulting from an analytical approach and dialogue with American Minimalism. More recently, he has returned to the ancient challenge of cutting into stone, marble and granite, taking inspiration from the great carving achievements of the Renaissance, and the carving traditions of Egypt and India, where he has maintained studios since the mid-1980s. Cox is the first sculptor since antiquity to have access to the Imperial Porphyry Quarries in the Eastern Mountains of Egypt, and perhaps the first since the Renaissance to have carved its rare and precious stone, which once supplied the monuments of Rome and Constantinople. Since 1985 he has also worked with temple carvers in South India. The Sculpture of Stephen Cox examines the different phases of Cox's evolution as a sculptor: from the early works confronting the issues of Minimalism, through the bas-reliefs of the middle period, to the free-standing monumental pieces of recent years, Stephen Bann's text discusses Cox's profound engagement with art of the past and of other cultures, arguing that the seemingly antagonistic strands of Cox's work in fact have accumulated to form a rich texture of related references. In addition to Bann's scholarly essay, The Sculpture of Stephen Cox includes an interview with the artist by Andrea Schlieker from 1985, and a new interview by Tim Marlow; a complete, illustrated catalogue of Cox's work to date; a detailed chronology; and a bibliography. Fully illustrated in black-and-white, with 32 colour plates, this book is the key reference work on the sculpture of Stephen Cox.

EAN: 9780853316756
EUR 46.00
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Paris, Flammarion 1999, cm.26x31, pp.192, reproductions en noir et en couleurs. Reliure d'édition pleine toile grise avec titre en noir au premier plat et au dos, jaquette illustrée en couleurs.

EAN: 9782702205686
EUR 45.00
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Beaubourg: Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, 14 avril-21 août 1995. Editions Gallimard 1995, cm.24x30, pp.412, legatura editoriale cartonata, copertina figurata.

EAN: 9782070115037
EUR 45.00
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Trad.di Silvia Demichele e Serena Marchi. Milano, Mondadori 1986, cm.24,5x33, pp.336, num.ill.e col.nt. t.tela,soprac.fig.a colori.
EUR 89.00
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Milano,Fondaz.Arnaldo Pomodoro,24 settembre 2005- 22 gennaio 2006. A cura di Marco Meneguzzo. Milano, Skira Ed. 2005, cm.24,5x28,5, pp.312, centinaia di tavv.a col.nt.e ft. leg.ed.sopracoperta figurata. I momenti più significativi della scultura italiana del XX secolo attraverso circa centocinquanta opere dei maggiori protagonisti del dibattito scultoreo del Novecento. Il volume, che accompagna la rassegna ideata da Arnaldo Pomodoro e curata da Marco Meneguzzo con la quale si inaugura la nuova sede della Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro a Milano, propone un percorso attraverso le opere degli artisti che maggiormente hanno contribuito a rinnovare il linguaggio della scultura italiana nel Novecento, da Medardo Rosso ad oggi.

EAN: 9788876243714
EUR 70.00
EUR 37.00

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Biografie degli artisti di Renato Carozzi. Fotoografie di Aurelio Amendola. Bergamo, Bolis per Cassa di Risparmio di Carrara 1993, cm.24,5x31, pp.316, centinaia di leg.ed.soprac.fig.a col.
EUR 30.00
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Cassa di Risparmio di Volterra 1980, cm.23x29,5, pp.circa 60, ill. legatura editoriale, sopracoperta.
EUR 14.00
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