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Religioni Storia delle Religioni


Religioni Storia delle Religioni
Prefazione di Segio Donadoni. Bari, Laterza 1967, cm.13x20, pp250, br. Coll.Universale Laterza,83.
EUR 13.00
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Religioni Storia delle Religioni
In appendice a questo nostro esemplare è stato rilegato il seguente volume: "Pontificato di San Gregorio il Grande" di A.Bianchi Giovini. Milano, Stabilimento Civelli, 1844. Versione di Fr. Vergani di G. Fatta sull'originale tedesco e preceduta da un' intoduzione del Cav. Jager. Milano, Presso la Ditta Angelo Bonfanti Tipografo Libraio 1847, cm.14,5x21, pp.632,264, legatura in mezza pelle, titoli e fregi in oro al dorso.
EUR 55.00
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Religioni Storia delle Religioni
Venezia, Marsilio 1999, cm.15,5x21, pp.310, br.cop.fig.a col. Coll.Saggi.

EAN: 9788831770040
EUR 24.79
EUR 16.50
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Religioni Storia delle Religioni
Oxford, Clarendon Press 1991, cm.15,5x23,5, pp.XIV,674, paperback. Series Oxford History of the Christian Church. The two centuries covered in this volume were among the most creative in the history of the Church. Colin Morris charts the emergence of much that is considered characteristic of European culture and religion, including universities and commercial cities, the crusades, the friars, chivalry, marriage, and church architecture. In all these developments, the Roman Church played an important and often fundamental role. A re-evaluation of that role is now particularly apt given the dissolution of Christendom in its old form witnessed by today's generation.

EAN: 9780198269250
Note: Firma di appartenenza al primo risguardo. Segni a penna al margine di alcune pagine.
EUR 19.00
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Religioni Storia delle Religioni
A cura di Società di Storia Patria di Terra di Lavoro. Napoli, Diocesi di Caserta 1984, cm.17x24, pp.108, 1 tavola a colori, nn tavole in bianco e nero. br. figurata bicolore.

Note: Lieve menda all'occhietto.
EUR 15.00
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Religioni Storia delle Religioni
Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2002, cm.16x23,5, pp.XVI,266, hardcover, dustjacket. Biblical Poetics before Humanism and Reformation is a study of the interpretation of the Bible in the late Middle Ages. Scholastic theologians developed a distinct attitude toward textual meaning in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries which departed significantly from earlier trends. Their attitude tended to erode the distinction, emphasized by the scholars of St Victor in the twelfth century, between literal and spiritual senses of scripture. Christopher Ocker argues that interpreters developed a biblical poetics very similar to that cultivated and promoted by Protestants in the sixteenth century, which was reinforced by the adaptation of humanist rhetoric to Bible reading after Lorenzo Valla. The book is a comparative study, drawing from a variety of unpublished commentaries as well as more familiar works by Nicholas of Lyra, John Wyclif, Jean Gerson, Denys the Carthusian, Wendelin Steinbach, Desiderius Erasmus, Philip Melanchthon, and John Calvin.

EAN: 9780521810463
Note: Un piccolo segno a penna al margine di una pagina, altrimenti come nuovo.
EUR 75.00
EUR 25.00
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Religioni Storia delle Religioni
Berkley - Los Angeles - London, University of California Press 1984, cm.15x22,5, pp.X,356, paperback. Alan Dundes defines myth as a sacred narrative that explains how the world and humanity came to be in their present form. This new volume brings together classics statements on the theory of myth by authors such as William Bascom, Jan de Vries, G. S. Kirk, James G. Frazer, Theodor H. Gaster, Mircea Eliade, Bronislaw Malinowski, C. G. Jung, and Claude Lévi-Strauss.

EAN: 9780520051928
EUR 12.00
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Religioni Storia delle Religioni
Paris, Desclée 1989, cm.12,5x19, pp.170,(4), br. figurata a colori.

EAN: 9782718904184
EUR 9.90
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Religioni Storia delle Religioni
Paris, Les Éditions du Cerf 2002, cm.13,5x21,5, pp.317,(5), br. figurata a colori.

EAN: 9782204069144
EUR 28.00
EUR 14.00
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Religioni Storia delle Religioni
Cambridge, Cambridge University Press 2003, cm.15x23, pp.XIV,186, paperback. Michael Cook's magisterial study in Islamic ethics, Commanding Right and Forbidding Wrong in Islamic Thought, was published to much acclaim in 2001. It was described by one reviewer as a masterpiece. In that book, the author reflected on the Islamic injunction, incumbent on every Muslim, to forbid wrongdoing. The present book is a short, accessible survey of the same material. Using anecdotes and stories from Islamic sources to illustrate the argument, Cook unravels the complexities of the subject. Moving backwards and forwards through time, he demonstrates how the past informs the present. By the end, the reader will be familiar with a colourful array of characters from Islamic history ranging from the celebrated thinker Ghazzali, to the caliph Harun al-Rashid, to the Ayatollah Khumayni. The book educates and entertains - at its heart, however, is an important message about the Islamic tradition, its values, and the relevance of those values today.

EAN: 9780521536028
EUR 21.90
EUR 9.90
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Religioni Storia delle Religioni
Fünfte, neubearbeitete und erweiterte Auflage. Heidelberg Carl Winter Universitätsverlag 1960, cm.13x19,5, pp.62,(2), br. Sammlung Vulgärlateinischer Texte.
EUR 18.00
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Religioni Storia delle Religioni
München, Verlag C.H. Beck 1992, cm.14x22,5, pp.351,(1), leg. ed. in tutta tela verde scuro, titoli in oro al dorso. Al I risguardo, firma di appartenenza dello studioso.

Note: Copia priva di sopraccoperta. Tre segnetti a penna in margine al testo.
EUR 22.00
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Religioni Storia delle Religioni
A cura di E.Guerriero. Milano, Jaca Book Ed. 1979, cm.15,5x23, pp.XXV,304, t.tela, sopracop.fig.a col. Coll.Opera Omnia,6. Già e non Ancora,47.

EAN: 9788816300477
EUR 27.89
EUR 23.00
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Religioni Storia delle Religioni
Fribourg en Suisse, Librairie de l'Université 1947, cm.17,5x25,2, pp.212,(2), br.; intonso. Collectanea Friburgensia - Publications de l'Université de Fribourg en Suisse. Nouvelle Série, Fasc. 31.

Note: Copertina parzialmente insolata e con piccola lacuna all'angolo siperiore.
EUR 20.00
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Religioni Storia delle Religioni
Chicago - London, The University of Chicago Press 1978, cm.15x23, pp.XXVI,444, paperback. Series Oriental Institute Essays. This classic study clearly establishes a fundamental difference in viewpoint between the peoples of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. By examining the forms of kingship which evolved in the two countries, Frankfort discovered that beneath resemblances fostered by similar cultural growth and geographical location lay differences based partly upon the natural conditions under which each society developed. The river flood which annually renewed life in the Nile Valley gave Egyptians a cheerful confidence in the permanence of established things and faith in life after death. Their Mesopotamian contemporaries, however, viewed anxiously the harsh, hostile workings of nature. Frank's superb work, first published in 1948 and now supplemented with a preface by Samuel Noah Kramer, demonstrates how the Egyptian and Mesopotamian attitudes toward nature related to their concept of kingship. In both countries the people regarded the king as their mediator with the gods, but in Mesopotamia the king was only the foremost citizen, while in Egypt the ruler was a divine descendant of the gods and the earthly representative of the God Horus.

EAN: 9780226260112
EUR 11.90
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Religioni Storia delle Religioni
Mit zugehörigen Briefen und Akten herausgegeben von Lothar Bauer. Neustadt / Aisch. KommissionsVerlag Degener & Co. 1994, cm.17x24,5, pp.XVIII571, leg. ed. cartonata, piatto anteriore fig. Veröffentlichungen der Gesellschaft für Fränkische Geschichte. VI Reihe: Regesten Fränkischer Bistümer, Band 3.
EUR 40.00
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Religioni Storia delle Religioni
Napoli, Istituto Italiano per gli Studi Storici 1963, cm.17x24, pp.353 (intonso), br.

EAN: 9788815015747
EUR 22.00
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Religioni Storia delle Religioni
München, Verlag C.H. Beck 1992, cm.14x22,7, pp.351,(1), leg. ed. in tutta tela verde, titoli in oro al dorso, sopraccoperta fig.

EAN: 9783406364587
EUR 22.00
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Religioni Storia delle Religioni
Pfarrei St. Martin Bamberg u. Diözesanmuseum Bamber, vom 7. Mai bis 20. Juni 1993. Bamberg, Bayerische Verlagsanstalt 1993. cm.20,5x24, pp.219,(1), testo su 2 colonne, , numerose ill. e tavv. in nero n.t., br., copertina fig. Veröffentlichungen des Diözesanmuseums Bamberg, Band 5.

EAN: 3870524022
EUR 16.00
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Religioni Storia delle Religioni
Essays edited by Arnaldo Momigliano. Oxford, at the Clarendon Press 1963, cm.15,5x23,8, pp.(8),222,(2), leg. ed. in tutta tela blu notte, titoli in oro su fondo rosso al dorso, sopraccoperta. First British edition.

Note: Piccola firma di appartenenza al I risguardo.
EUR 40.00
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