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A cura di M.Grossi, G.Gentilini. Firenze, Giunti Ed. 2001, cm.26x30, pp.287, decine di figg.e a col.nt. leg.ed. sopraccop.fig.a col. Coll.Arti Fiorentine.

EAN: 9788809023413
EUR 49.50
EUR 29.90
A cura di Gloria Fossi. Firenze, Giunti 2003, cm.26x30, pp.284, centinaia di ill.e col.nt. leg.ed.soprac.fig.a col. Coll.Arti Fiorentine.

EAN: 9788809033320
EUR 49.50
EUR 29.90
A cura di R.Spinelli. Firenze, Giunti per Cassa di Risp. 2002, cm.26x30, pp.286, centinaia di figg.a col.nt. leg.ed.soprac.fig.a col.

EAN: 9788809029231
EUR 49.50
EUR 29.90
Lisbon, Fondation Calouste Gulbenkian 1979, cm.23x28, pp.237, Con fotografie e illustrazioni in nero e a colori legatura editoriale.
EUR 20.00
Prefaz.di Giovanni Spadolini. Firenze, Pineider 1990, cm.21,5x28,5, pp.119, 54 tavv.a col. leg.ed. sopraccop.ill.a col.
EUR 14.00
Paris, Solar 1995, cm.24x29,5, pp.142, ill. legatura sopracoperta figurata a colori.
EUR 19.00
Santa Croce sull'Arno, Villa Pacchiani, 19 Giugno- 30 Liglio 1981. Firenze, Edizioni della Bezuga 1971, cm.23x31, pp.circa 60 con tavole applicate. brossura, custodia morbida.
EUR 17.00
Archivio Storico Tunesi 2019, cm.21x30, pp.160, ill.a colori. brossura copertina figurata a colori.
EUR 20.00
Paris, Flammarion - Opéra Nationale de Paris 2000, cm.13,5x21, pp.102,(2), br., cop. fig. a colori con bandelle.

EAN: 9782080128348
EUR 9.30
EUR 5.00
Heidelberg Keyserche Verlagsbuchhandlung 1957-1959, 2 voll. di 2, cm.15,7x22,3, pp.488; 415,(1), numerosi disegni in nero nt., 92 tavv. in nero e 14 a colori ft., di cui 2 alle antiporte, leg. ed. in tutta tela verde, titoli in oro ai piatti ant. e ai dorsi.
EUR 15.00
Volumi 1,2,3,4,5. Novara, De Agostini 1999, 5 volumi. cm.23x30, pp.256,256,256,256,256, completamente illustrati a colori. leg.ed. This 1995 critical study of Ibsen's A Doll's House addresses fundamental questions of text, reception and performance. What is the definitive 'version' of A Doll's House: original text, translation, stage presentation, radio version, adaptation to film or television? What occurs when a drama intended for recipients in one language is translated into another, or when a play written for the stage is adapted for radio, television or film? And to what extent do differences between the media and between directorial approaches influence the meaning of the play text? Discussions of these issues include an internal analysis of the dramatic text and comparative performance analysis, framed by the biographical background to the play and its impact on dramas by Strindberg, Shaw and O'Neill and on films by Ingmar Bergman. The book concludes with a list of productions and a select bibliography.
EUR 45.90
Sous la direction de Jean Bedel. Paris, Larousse 1983, cm.19,5x26, pp.500, et à coul., relié.

EAN: 9782035091017
EUR 7.50
Suffolk, Antique Collectors' Club 1982, cm.14x21, pp.590,col.ill., hardcover with dustjacket.
EUR 13.00
Paris, C.P.I.P. 1976, cm.21x28, pp.82, et coul., relié. Coll.L'ABC du Collectionneur.
EUR 7.00
New York, E.P. Dutton 1979, cm.20,8x27, pp.255,(1), testo su 2 colonne, 759 ill. in nero nt., br., copertina fig. a colori.

EAN: 9780525475712
EUR 14.00
Paris, Charles Massin 1990, cm.24,5x31,5, pp.64, ill. en coul., relié avec jaquette. Langue: Français.

EAN: 9782707200860
EUR 17.00
With an Introduction by L.G.G. Ramsey, Editor of "The Connoisseur". London, The Connoisseur 1967, cm.13,5x21,2, pp.318,(2), testo su 2 colonne, una tav. a colori all'antiporta e centinaia di riproduzioni in nero nt., leg. ed. cartonata, impressioni in nero al piatto ant., titoli in nero al dorso, sopraccoperta fig. a colori.

Note: Due strappi di4 cm. l'uno alla sopraccoperta posteriore.
EUR 16.00
With photographs by Dudway Photography (Chatham, N.Y.) Rutland (Vermont), Charles E. Tuttle Company 1973, cm.13,5x19, pp.144, 36 foto in 24 tavv. in bn. ft., leg. ed. in tutta tela, titoli al dorso, sopraccoperta fig. a colori. First Edition, Second Printing.
EUR 10.00
London, Scriptum Editions 1998, cm.24x28, pp.192, ill.col. paperback. No matter how many pairs you have, no matter how closely you follow the trends, you’re bound to discover something new in this savvy and irreverent study of contemporary women’s shoes. All the top styles and major players are here—from Manolo Blahnik, master of the skyscraper heel to Tom Ford, the designer who sparked the resurgence of the famous Gucci loafer. Not limited to designers and trends, the book also explores the shoe’s relationship to sex and gender roles. Are high heels a symbol of subordination or empowerment? What is the fascination that shoes hold for fetishists? Nothing is left unsaid here, with candid commentary ranging from Rupaul to the Wall Street Journal. Written with wit and style, and sumptuously illustrated with 200 color photos, Shoes: A Lexicon of Style is a book for the well-shod of every persuasion.

EAN: 9781902686257
EUR 9.00
Novara, Istituto Geografico De Agostini 1970, cm.23x30,5, pp.64, testo su 2 colonne, 96 ill. in 48 tavv. a colori, leg. ed. cartonata, cop. fig. a colori. Coll. I Documentari, 1. Serie Conoscere l'Antiquariato.

Note: Cop. ingiallita e con qualche segno d'uso; poche righe di testo sottolineate a matita.
EUR 8.00
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