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#133657 Egittologia

The Eyes of Horus: Egypt from the Air.

Editore: White Star.
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Dettagli: cm.26x36, pp.272, ill.col. hardcover, dustjacket.

Abstract: Take an aerial journey across Egypt, the landscape of natural contrasts and ancient heritage and see the wonders of the country as if you were one of the ancient gods themselves: * the boundless Sahara desert * the fertile Nile valley * the sandy beaches of the Mediterranean * the coral reefs of the Red Sea * the wadis scorching in the sun * the red mountains of central Sinai * the masterpieces of Egyptian antiquity * the pyramids of Giza * the Valley of the Kings * the Temple at Abu Simnel * the modern sights: Aswan Dam and the Alexandra library * The breathtaking images in this book are the result of a bird's-eye view of a landscape of timeless appeal, rendered all the more seductive by the clarity of the light and the dizzying perspectives captured by one of the world's leading landscape photographers.

EAN: 9788880956648
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#287831 Egittologia
Photographs by Marcello Bertinetti. Introduced by H.E. MAmdouh El Beltagui. American University in Cairo Press 2002, cm.26x36, pp.320 ill.col. hardcover, dustjacket. A boundless theater of history, Egypt offers spectacles of pure beauty and great variety: the blazing Western Desert, the immense delta of the Nile, the sandy beaches of the Mediterranean, the coral reefs of the Red Sea, and the dried up wadis and red mountains of central Sinai. Then there are the masterpieces of the ancient Egyptians - from pyramids to the Valley of the Kings, from Karnak to Abu Simbel - in addition to the engineering feats of the modern world. Fascinating photographs and texts filled with original observations describe the thousand faces of a marvelous, colorful and surprising land. Spectacular images - including satellite photography - contribute to a breathtaking aerial trip through a country whose history stretches back six thousand years and is made even more alluring by the clarity of the light and the unusual angles of the photographs.

EAN: 9789774246364
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