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William Pitt.

Editore: Librairie Arthème Fayard.
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Dettagli: cm.12x18,7, pp.352, brossura ( mende al dorso; fioriture alla cop. e in qualche carta del testo.) Collection "Les Grandes Etudes Historiques".

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#13663 Biografie
Traduz.dal francese di Antonio Cettuzzi. Milano, Dall'Oglio Ed. 1985, cm.16x22, pp.370, 20 legatura editoriale in tutta tela, copertina figurata. Coll.Storica.

EAN: 9788877182234
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Houghton Mifflin 2000, cm.16x24, pp.687, legatura editoriale, sopracoperta figurata a colori. Celebrates the life and work of the powerful newspaper publisher, and includes information on his relations with Hitler, Mussolini, Churchill, and Roosevelt, as well as on his turbulent private life.

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#229974 Biografie
s.l., Shire Publications 1977, cm.15x21, pp.48, numerose foto in bn.nt., brossura, cop.fig. [ottimo esemplare.] Coll.Lifelines,39. It is largely as a result of the career of William Richard Morris, Viscount Nuffield, that the university city of oxford became one of Britain's foremost industrial cities. William Morris left school at fourteen and because he had shown an aptitude for taking things to pieces and reassembling them he was apprenticed to a bicycle repairer. Within nine months he set up his own cycle business and from then on his rise to become one of Britain's leading industrialists. Though not a great engineer, he was an astute business man and expert mechanic; he saw the need for a small economical car that was of high quality yet could be produced in large numbers. His special talent enabled him to obtain the right parts and to assemble them, and so the first Morris Oxford car appeared in 1913. Production boomed in the 1920s and morris became a millionaire and was made a peer, but he was generous with money and gave away over GBP30,000,000 in his lifetime, much of it to hospitals and other medical causes, in which he had a deep interest. He also financed the establishment of Nuffield College, Oxford, which bears his title, and a century after his birth his surname is still borne by motorcars even though in 1952 Morris Motors became part of the British Motor Corporation, which has itself now been absorbed into British Leyland.

EAN: 9780852633977
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London, Wise Publishing 2004, cm.23x30, pp.116, brossura copertina figurata a colori.

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