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Batman: War Games Act 2.

Editore: DC Comics.
Data di pubbl.:
Dettagli: cm.17x26, pp.192, paperback.

Abstract: Batman and Gotham City are caught up in a terrifying gang war between bloodthirsty mobsters, as the War Games saga continues! Stephanie - aka the Spoiler - realises the part she's played in the gang war now consuming the city, and moves to rectify her mistake...straight into the hands of Black Mask. Meanwhile, Tim Drake puts his Robin costume back on; Catwoman fights a desperate battle to protect her own; Batgirl faces off against the vicious Cheshire and her gang; and Batman takes unprecedented control of the Gotham City P.D.! Written by a hugely talented group of creators, including Bill Willingham (Fables) and Ed Brubaker (Gotham Central), this series will change Batman - forever!.

EAN: 9781845760700
EUR 12.90
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#271148 Fumetti
New York, DC Comics 2005, cm.17x26, pp.208, paperback. One of comics' most enduring heroes, who is set to be a movie star again very soon - Batman - confronts the challenge of his life. This all-new, all-action graphic novel is Act 1 in an epic storyline that will see Gotham City torn apart by the machinations of bloodthirsty mobsters! Things start to fall apart and Gotham becomes entangled in the ultimate gang war! With each faction battling it out with various other gun-toting thugs, can Batman and his 'family' keep innocents from falling into the line of fire? Written and drawn by a talented ensemble cast of comics creators, this is the next step in Batman's evolution - welcome to War Games!

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New York, DC Comics 2005, cm.17x26, pp.200, paperback. It's the explosive conclusion to the "War Games" saga, as the gang war that has torn Gotham City apart comes to a bloody conclusion! Crime lord, Black Mask is planning to take over the city's gangs...and to destroy Batman. Meanwhile, a badly wounded Spoiler is desperately trying to find the Dark Knight. Robin, Nightwing, Catwoman and Tarantula are all under heavy fire, and Batman himself is trying to contain the madness. It's all leading to Oracle's hideout in Gotham's clock tower...and an unforgettable ending! Written by talented creators including Bill Willingham ("Fables") and Ed Brubaker ("Gotham Central"), this final episode will change "Gotham" and "Batman" for good!

EAN: 9781845761226
EUR 12.90
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