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Automobili Moto


Automobili Moto
Milano, Edizioni M.Confalonieri 1960, cm.22x31, pp.252, numerose tavv. a col.nt., leg.ed.cartonata.
EUR 19.00
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Automobili Moto
Brescia, Mille Miglia Editrice 2004, cm.24x34, pp.188, ill.a colori. legatura editoriale, sopracoperta figurata a colori.
EUR 24.00
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Automobili Moto
Brescia, Mille Miglia Editrice 2002, cm.24x34, pp.188, ill.a colori. legatura editoriale, sopracoperta figurata a colori.
EUR 24.00
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Automobili Moto
Sep Editrice 2004, cm.24,5x34, pp.224, ill.a colori. haredcover, dustjacket. This is the Formula 1 yearbook, a magnificently produced photographic review of the entire World Championship season, combined with detailed reports and analyses of each of the eighteen Grand Prix races around the world, from Australia in March to Brazil in October. For each race a four-page spread shows the starting line-up, retirements, fastest laps, a detailed account of the race, and of course the result, together with a description of the circuit, the weather conditions on the day of the race, and the particular issues and talking points which dominated discussion at the time. In addition, the 2004 edition will have two pages of colour photos of the most important aspects of each race. There are also chapters on the key issues of the season, lavishly illustrated with photographs, and a feature covering the most important technical developments. Finally, the book contains a portfolio of more than 120 pages of glorious colour photographs by Bryn Williams and Frits Van Eldik and 16 pages of superb cutaway section drawings of the main competing cars, drawn

EAN: 9788887110487
EUR 14.00
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Automobili Moto
Sesta edizione riveduta . Corredato da 562 domande e risposte, 160 figg., una tavola a colori. Milano, Hoepli Ed. 1935, cm.13x19, pp206, br.cop.fig.a col.
EUR 15.00
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Automobili Moto
Milano, Mondadori 2006, cm.14x22, pp.295, legatura editoriale, sopracoperta figurata a colori. Coll.Le Scie. Quando, poco più di un secolo fa, "gli automobili" (così allora si chiamavano) cominciano a percorrere le strade d'Italia, un mondo radicalmente nuovo inizia a sorgere, inconsapevole del suo stesso formarsi. In pochi anni, infatti, una generazione di pionieri deve affrontare e risolvere questioni complesse come la costruzione e la manutenzione di strade adeguate, la regolamentazione del traffico, la segnaletica. Le velocità raggiunte e il clamore suscitato dagli incidenti che ne conseguono creano attorno all'auto e a chi la pilota un alone epico e romantico, che influenza l'arte e la letteratura. Le poche migliaia di vetture in circolazione (15.000 nel 1912) sono sufficienti a determinare mode dilaganti, a definire status esclusivi e nuove gerarchie sociali. E se il rombare di un'auto provoca spesso reazioni ostili, talvolta persino violente, le prime gare italiane e internazionali, i grandi raduni automobilistici, le mitiche imprese della Pechino-Parigi, segnano l'imporsi sempre più inarrestabile della locomozione a motore. Il 28 giugno 1914, l'immagine della vettura dell'arciduca Ferdinando, che a Sarajevo lo porta proprio al cospetto dei suoi assassini, va a contrassegnare la fine dell'epico esordio dell'auto.

EAN: 9788804558668
EUR 18.00
EUR 13.00
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Automobili Moto
Immagini tratte dall'Archivio Storico Automobile Club Torino. e Centro di Documentazione Museo Nazionale Automobile. Milano, Bolaffi Editore per ACI Torino 2018, cm.31x23,5, pp.154, numerose fotografie bn.e disegni a colori nt. legatura editoriale in tutta tela. Titoli in oro al piatto anteriore e al dorso.

EAN: 9788888406862
EUR 48.00
EUR 39.90
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Automobili Moto
English text. Milano, Giorgio Nada Editore 2007, cm.25x24, pp.256, ill.col. softcover. The Lambretta was one of the most popular forms of transportation of the 50s and 60s, a valid surrogate to the automobile, and a faithful travel companion to hundreds of thousands of Italian families that had the chance to ride one to work or for fun. Together with the Vespa, it monopolized the Italian scooter market, and knew how to sell itself in the international market with its own original technical characteristics and exceptionally modern frame. This long awaited second edition provides new detailed appendices and specifications for all the models covered, helping collectors in the identification and restoration of their Lambretta. The work is enriched by hundreds of pictures in black and white and color.

EAN: 9788879113502
Note: Coertina lievemente piegata.
EUR 38.00
EUR 30.00
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Automobili Moto
Terza edizione aggiornata. 693 domande e risposte, 255 figure, un appendice, quattro tavole a colori e una in nero. Milano, Hoepli Ed. 1938, cm.13x19, pp.348, br.cop.fig.a col. Numerose figure originali di Carlo Biscaretti. Terza edizione riveduta e aggiornata.
EUR 18.00
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Automobili Moto
In quattro lingue, II edizione riveduta e ampliata. A cura del comitato per l'Incremento dei traffici del porto di Fiume. Trieste, La Editoriale Libreria 194, cm.14,5x22, pp.XVI,846, brossura copertina figurata. Vecchio Timbro alla copertina.
EUR 40.00
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Automobili Moto
Associazione Nazionale Autieri d'Italia. Roma, Presidenza Nazionale 1992, cm.17x24, pp.88, ill.a col. brossura copertina figurata a colori.
EUR 9.00
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Automobili Moto
Milano, Giorgio Nada Editore 2000, cm.24x31, pp.270, legatura editoriale in tutta tela , soprac.fig.a col. 'affascinante storia di una delle "classiche" corse stradali europee,di illustri vetture come Alfa Romeo,Ferrari,Lancia,Mercedes,Maserati e Osca e leggendari piloti,come Bracco,Jendebien,Cabianca e i fratelli Marzotto.

EAN: 9788879112055
EUR 135.00
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Automobili Moto
Terres Editions 2009, cm.20x25, pp.190, ill col. e bn. Broché. Le tracteur est incontestablement l'outil qui a révolutionné les campagnes françaises dévastées par la Seconde Guerre mondiale. Dans la France des années 1950 et 1960, le robuste percheron est toujours utilisé. On se méfie du tracteur mécanique qui peut tomber en panne juste lorsque s'annonce la moisson. Il n'empêche, le Farman de McCormick-Deering, le " petit gris " de Ferguson et le Renault D22 vont réussir à s'imposer, plus rapidement qu'on ne l'aurait pensé. Avant la fin de la décennie 1970, près de 95 % des exploitations françaises possèdent ainsi au moins un tracteur. Mais la mécanisation des campagnes n'a pas uniquement facilité la vie du paysan. Elle a aussi modifié son comportement social, ses habitudes, ses mentalités. Avec le tracteur, l'agriculteur est entré dans le monde de la productivité et du crédit. Laissez-vous entraîner à travers l'histoire formidable de ces tracteurs de légende avec les sagas de grandes marques (Fordson, SFV, Austin, Babiole...) et revivez, à travers elles, mi peu de notre histoire ! Avec ce beau livre richement illustré de plus de 200 photos ainsi que de nombreux documents d'archive, replongez-vous dans une page importante de l'histoire du monde agricole et retrouvez les tracteurs qui ont parcouru les champs de France de 1945 jusqu'aux années 1980.

EAN: 9782355300882
EUR 26.00
EUR 16.00
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Automobili Moto
Fotografie di Alberto Martinez. Milano, Automobilia 1982, cm.23,5x30,5, pp.188, numerose legatura editoriale.

EAN: 9788885058200
EUR 17.90
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Automobili Moto
Augsburg, Bechtermünz Verlag 2000, cm.24x32, 173 seiten Hardcover Buch.

EAN: 9783828953673
EUR 15.00
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Automobili Moto
Ivrea, White Star 2012, cm.26x36, pp.326, num.figg.a col.nt. leg.ed.soprac.fig.a col. Happy 100th birthday, Harley Davidson. This is a personal invitation to join in and celebrate a century of motorcycling history and legacy. From its origins to its centenary, the company's story unfolds in big, beautiful images and a mesmerizing look back at the great bikes that have won resounding fame. Peek behind the scenes to see the inner world of a business renowned for its directors' enthusiasm and its employees' devotion and dedication. You'll see how Harley Davidson operates, and get a glimpse of the lives of its most important personalities. Find out why these motorcycles arouse such fierce loyalty in its owners, and how they have inspired a select band of professional and amateur bike customizers. But of course the most important thing of all are the machines themselves, shown in numerous photographs--from the first black-and-gold striped model in 1903 to the newest V-Rod, with its revolutionary technology.

EAN: 9788880958451
EUR 50.00
EUR 31.00
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Automobili Moto
Weltbild-Verl 1999, cm.21x29, pp.478, illustrazioni bn.e a col. legatura editoriale copertina figurata a colori.

EAN: 9783893505340
EUR 13.00
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Automobili Moto
Chartwell Books Ltd 2001, cm.23,5x31, pp.173, ill.col. Hardback, dustjacket.

EAN: 9780785813804
EUR 12.00
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Automobili Moto
Stuttgart, Stocker-Schmid Motor Buch Verlag 2006, cm.24x31, 192 Seiten. hardcover.

EAN: 9783727671500
EUR 19.00
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Automobili Moto
Chartwell Books 2000, cm.23x30, pp.144, a col.nt. harcover. This interesting and informative 144 page book gives a detailed history of traction engines, the giants of the steam age, through both text and over 100 photos, color and black and white. From the inside front flap: "In its glory days, the traction engine was an impressive machine. Powerful and versatile, its potential seemed endless and it was adapted to many task, from ploughing fields to lighting fairgrounds. It is doubtful that we shall ever see machines that combine such beautiful simplicity, elegant decoration and massive strength again. This book celebrates these giants of a bygone age, offering an in-depth and lively study of the development of the traction engine and an exploration of the political, commercial and technological context in which it evolved."

EAN: 9780785811725
EUR 14.00
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