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#318005 Filosofia

Dialogues between Hylas and Philonous.

Editore: Aurora Boreale.
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Dettagli: cm.14,8x21, pp.160, brossura. Collana Symbols & Myths. Testo in Inglese

Abstract: George Berkeley (1685-1753) was an Irish philosopher, an anglican bishop and one of the three great British empiricists along with John Locke and David Hume. Ignored and derided in life, he is now widely re-evaluated and considered as a sort of indirect precursor of Ernst Mach, Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr for his thesis on the non-existence of matter and the impossibility of an objectively absolute time and space. His critiques of mathematics and science are among the most controversial, brilliant and revolutionary in the history of philosophy. «I have been a long time distrusting my senses: methought I saw things by a dim light and through false glasses. Now the glasses are removed and a new light breaks in upon my under standing. I am clearly convinced that I see things in their native forms, and am no longer in pain about their unknown nature or absolute existence. This is the state I find myself in at present; though, indeed, the course that brought me to it I do not yet thoroughly comprehend. You set out upon the same principles that Academics, Cartesians, and the like sects usually do; and for a long time it looked as if you were advancing their philosophical Scepticism: but, in the end, your conclusions are directly opposite to theirs».

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